Mega Man X6

Mega Man X6
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Release date(s)JP November 29, 2001

NA December 4, 2001

EU February 8, 2002
Genre(s)Side Scrolling
Mode(s)Single player
Available onPSX,PS2,GC,PC

Mega Man X6 is the sixth game in the Mega Man X series. It was originally released on Playstation. It has also been re-released on Playstation 2 and GameCube, as a part of the Mega Man X Collection.


[edit] Maverick Bosses

[edit] Plot

Already 3 weeks have passed since the Eurasia Colony crashed down to earth, leaving it heavily damaged. In the meantime, Mega Man X and Signas had assumed the paper of the leaders of the Maverick hunters, since Zero was destroyed by Sigma. Now a new phenomena had been arising called the "Zero Nightmare". It's a mysterious "Virus" that affects every reploid, turning them to Mavericks. Still, Mega Man X is already fighting to save the reploids. In the mean time, Gate has gotten in his hands one of the pieces of Zero, now infected by the virus that originally created all mavericks. The effects on Gate were the same: he went insane. Shortly afterwards, X gets an emergency call of the hunters, in one area, after defeating the boss a Purple Zero appears and destroys the remains of the robot. Shortly afterwards X is confronted by a new Reploid, High Max. Unable to beat High Max, X is now facing new dangers. After returning, a new reploid introduced here named Issoc, is giving a speech about how Zero must be destroyed for the well of the reploids.

[edit] Game mechanics

Mega Man X6 still uses almost exactly the same mechanics, as its predecessors, including the Rank system. Depending on how many Souls of the Nightmare you collect, it will increase your rank, starting from the lowest (F) to the highest (UH) rank. How it works is that the higher your rank, the more parts you can equip. They are classified in 3 categories:

Normal (Green parts can be Equipped after D or C rank)

X or Zero parts: These parts gives extra abilities to X or Zero. For example, the skill to shoot an full charged buster attack without the need of charging your buster.

Limited Parts: Can only be equipped through the SA rank and above ranks. Only one of these can be equipped at a time.

[edit] Secrets

Go to Infinity Mijinion's stage, and after destroying Lumina, go through the Crystal, and get to the boss room (You can also find the crystal in any other of the eight Maverick stages). Doing this will make you fight against Nightmare Zero. Beating it successfully will grant you access and use to Zero. It is weak to X's Z-Saber.

Also, after obtaining Zero, or passing through a certain point of the game, you will be able to fight High max. Beating him will allow you to go straight to Gate's lab.

Not obtaining Zero will give you the bad ending and cause you to lose some scenes in the end.

After defeating all 8 mavericks, recovering enough Nightmare Souls, or even beating High Max, you can fight Dynamo. He is available to be fought for an unlimited amount of times in the places where the nightmare was. Defeating him will heavily increase the amount of souls and the rank you have, by making Dynamo drop souls. Dynamo is weak to Rainy Turloids's weapon.

[edit] Armor Parts

There are 4 Armors, like in Mega Man X5, they are placed as always on the enemy stages although here it's much more challenging to get some of them.

[edit] Shadow armor

The Shadow Armor allows X to hang on ceiling for limited amounts of time. He can also stick to walls, and is immune to spikes. Also, like the Gaea Armor, is impossible to X use special weapons. In compensation for this, if you charge the X buster he will use a charged saber attack (Be aware: although the attack is powerful automatically will detach you of any wall that you are stick to), which in the end can be combined for a very nasty surprise to bosses. The normal shot of this armor are shuriken that will go in random directions. Also another of the compensations for not be able to use special weapon is the ridiculously high-powered giga attack. (2 half moon shaped blades will surround X´s body for a moment, spinning around him.)

[edit] Shadow Armor parts Locations

Blizzard Wolfang Area:

After reaching the 2nd checkpoint, if you are using Ultimate armor, or blade armor, you can use their skills to get through the air and reach the Dr. Light capsule.

Rainy Turtloid Area: after reaching the last checkpoint (you will see the entrance to a large cave and a recovery spot), go to the upper right ledge. Now there are 3 major ways to get that part:

1st way: using the Blade armor try and measure your jump and charge it so you can fly through the spikes and land onto the 2nd platform, rinse and repeat.

2nd way: Lure an enemy, near to you and then let it hit you if you are quick in off you should be able to get to the 3rd ledge without much of a problem.

3rd way, use the ultimate armor and try to measure your jump so you fly trough the spikes and land rinse and repeat.

Blaze Phoenix Stage:

After you defeat the 3rd wheel, you should land in an area with 2 platform on the top and 2 entrances. Get to the 2nd spot and climb slightly. You should see at least a hole (be aware that if the nightmare has affected this place, you'll need the Metal Shark Player's skill to get to the armor part) now as the Blade Armor, use your old charged dash, and get to the hole (requires practice). If you are using Zero, climb a little to the top and about a second or so use the double jump and grab, now if you are using Ultimate armor, use the nova strike near the top and you should stick and be able to climb to the 3rd floor. If the nightmare has affected this stage take the 1st metallic block as an elevator, now rescue the hostage, and use Metal Shark Player's skill to destroy all the blocks.

Metal shark player stage:

After you pass through the 2nd trash compressor (the 1st one sends you to a ladder ignore it. Also be aware that you will need jumper & hyper dash to get to the part easily if you are using Ultimate or Blade armor). After you get through the 2nd section, just try and erase the block by abusing Ground Scaravich's skill. Now, on the last section there is a huge empty space. Kill all the enemies and then do this: fall but don't kill yourself. Instead, stick to the wall, and use a dash jump to safely cross the pit (if using Ultimate armor just do a couple of nova strikes and you should get there quickly).

[edit] Blade Armor

This armor allows X to do a charged dash, in any direction, also it allows X use less energy for weapon and o a charged saber attack, its giga attack its also a charged saber attack that will leave waves after being used.

[edit] Blade Armor Parts locations

Commander Yanmark stage:

After going through the 1st hole, go right and the capsule is there for you, also rescue the hostage.

Shield Sheldon stage:

This one is tricky. After you enter in the chamber with all the lasers, make the mirrors reflect the laser in order to it hit the security door on the floor. Afterwards, the next thing is repeat the process. After getting to the last pit, you should see a wall at your left. Now jump and pass it, then jump through the last platform and use a dash jump to get where Dr. Light awaits.

Infinity Mijinion's Stage:

One of the easiest parts to get. After defeating Lumina, jump onto the Crystal, and go left. There is a heart upgrade, plus another capsule.

Ground Scaravich Stage:

Easy in theory, difficult on practice, it's still bothersome and complicated to obtain it (the main problem is that you might or might not end in there due to both the nightmare and the random factor of the totems, is better to try and get this after beating the boss ). You must take the 3rd totem, now if you are lucky you should be under of the place were the capsules is, also there are several hostages here, which gives you literally valuable items, if you are also lucky metal blocks should be here, helpful? hell yeah it will allow you to sort some of the obstacles faster.

[edit] Ultimate Armor

Still the same old armor. Just like in Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5, the armor holds infinite nova strikes. It also holds the plasma buster shot of the aforementioned games.

[edit] Obtaining the Ultimate Armor

in the Start screen insert this code:

<< > (left left right)

[edit] Dark Zero

Nothing much to say about Dark Zero, it comes with a decent defense upgrade a Zero saber upgrade and a dark colored palette swap.

[edit] Obtaining Dark Zero

After pressing start and entering on the game star screen insert L1, L1, L1, R2.

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