Mega Man X4

Mega Man X4
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Genre(s)Action/Arcade, Side Scrolling
Mode(s)Single player
Release date(s)November 1997
Available onPlay Station, Saturn, PC

Mega Man X4 is the fourth game in the Mega Man X series. It was originally released on Playstation and Sega Saturn. It has also been re-released on Playstation 2 and GameCube, as a part of the Mega Man X Collection. Excluding the Playstation and Sega Saturn versions of Mega Man X3, it's the first 32-bit game in the series. It's generally consider to be one of, if not, the best Mega Man X game in series by the fans.


[edit] Maverick Bosses

[edit] Game Story

A few months after X and Zero defeated Dr. Doppler's forces and Sigma. dr. Cain has began aproject to produce an army of Reploids called "Repliforce". In a short time, it had formed a bond with the Maverick Hunters to destroy the mavericks. But the friendship between the Maverick Hunters and the Repliforce would be tested, as a floating city known as Sky Lagoon was attacked, the Maverick Hunters suspect that it was Repliforce that was behind this attack. After that, the Repliforce now want their onw nation. Now the Maverick Hunters' best warriors, X and Zero have to stop the Repliforce, but what they don't know, that there is something not right.

[edit] Innovations

1st time in the whole X series that you have the chance to pick either Zero or X, it will change the history, and most of the dialogues, 1st thing is that you get 2 "supporters", also Zero as expected is a close range fighter, unlike X that's a far range fighter, in the end the skills and powers pretty much are the same, also lets not forget that it will change the boss fights, also its very well know amongst most of the players than this Sigma is the hardest one of all series, there are no other apparitions of Sigma so hard as this one, due to the several "bodies" that he uses and the several stage fatalities he activates (this will be look onto it later in this section)

2st step of customizable characters, meaning that you could chose how to get the X buster to work

[edit] Supporters

Double: A mysterious fat round robot, which is a "rookie" at the business of maverick hunting, in the end he is one of the soldiers of Sigma, being more powerful than he looks like.

Iris: She is the sister of the Coronal of repliforce, in the end she is transformed into a maverick, and it also seems that she has feelings for Zero.

[edit] Enemies

Web Spider
: A spider like repliforce robot its main attack is to launch electrical webs, which apart of causing damage they paralyze, the trick to this boss is to avoid the webs and attack either with X buster or Z saber, its other attacks consists on lunching several small spiders or trying to do a body slam to you, only the webs and small spiders should worry you, its weakness is twin slash.

Split Mushroom
STAGE TIP: A mid boss, stay on a place, and quickly move the boss should fall for the trap, it should destroy a platform leaving him at the uncover, giving you a chance to shoot him/slash him.

Split Mushroom

This is an somewhat predictable boss, he will land a spore curtain, jump form side to side, and create copies of himself, the trick is to attack when he is in the air, assuming you have lighting web this is his major weakness, even if you his a clone he will suffer damage, so abuse of it, otherwise, wait until he jumps, slash/ shoot at him, the way to identification the double is to see which one isn't so transparent.

Cyber Peacock

STAGE TIP: You can get a heart and other goodies if you are quick enough. Try using Split Mushroom's weapon, along with precise dashing and dash-jumping, to reach the end of each section with an S Rank.

Cyber Peacock

This is a boss like you've never seen in your whole life, 1st YOU MUST USE HIS WEAKNESS, yeah, this guy main attacks consists on teleporting, on using his feathers as homing missiles, and you get the idea, for you to triumph over this thing, its to use split mushroom tech, it will both paralyze and damage it, now keep going and keep dashing, cause when ever Cyber Peacock teleports its most likely to land on you so keep moving!.

Storm Owl

STAGE TIP: When you see a little ceiling full of spikes, try and shoot a electric web, now, here comes the good part, climb and you will get a piece of X armor, for being more specific the buster part, you have 2 choices, buster part similar of that Megaman X2 (SNES series not GBC series) or the Ultimate armor buster, meaning it will leave some plasma sphere's behind, whatever you chose it will do fine.

Storm Owl

Easy guy, most of his attacks are similar to storm eagle attacks, meaning it will trow whirlwinds at you, and will try to stomp you, for an easy win use Cyber Peacock's skill.

Magma Dragoon

STAGE TIP: When you get to chose which of the 2 path you want chose the lower one you have more chances to find that way the Torso of X.

Magma Dragoon

A rip off of Ryu and Ken, now Magma Dragoon usually does a flame shot, then an air kick, and from time to time will go all the way to the back, open his mouth, and voila shoot a beam trough it, for that just jump onto a wall, there is a 50% of chance that's his next move is a jump that will make 2 balls surge out of the lava, avoid them, now how to attack after each attack fire the Storm Owl weapon it gives you the advantage for this fight.

Frost Walrus

STAGE TIP: Best stage to fill the E.tanks due to the abundance of energy capsules.

Frost Walrus

1st than anything, if you played MMX2 or 3 of SNES you already should know what you will be facing, mostly you will want to hit and run, hit and run , meaning, if you are X fire an attack from Magma Dragoon weapon, and watch if Frost Walrus dash towards you jump to the wall, and jump high now calculate good (at least when he is about to get to your side) and do a jump dash/ double jump, and voila you have now a free shot, keep doing this, most of Walrus attacks are like several other bosses hit the ground dash to crush you or do ice attacks.

Jet Stingray

Start by using Frost Walrus attack, most of his attacks consists onto using his mini stingray's and then try to dash over you , if he stands in the water he will do a suction typhoon to get you clean, now he is easily countered by Frost Walrus weapon use it whenever he isn't damaged.

Slash Beast

Almost there the last "boss" simple boss, most of his attack are half moon arcs, which are avoidable other attacks consists on getting close and slashing you or hitting the walls to knock you down, use jet stingray power to weaken him and typical buster/saber attacks.

[edit] Commander 1

This is the 1st round , he has a series of quick and basic attacks, most of the dashing and teleporting, try and avoid and shoot.

[edit] Commander 2

The 2nd round now he is truly deadly , has obtained a damage increase, faster attacks, i wont spoil much but avoid and attack, that's the only way to win this fight.

[edit] Final Stages


Double will show his true form a deadly maverick, avoid most of his attacks and use storm owl attack.


I won't say that Iris is easy, she is hard, an almost unbeatable, boss, the only weak spot is the crystal of her chest, you must hit it until she frees it and hit it again, to damage her, but be wary some of her attack include an almost unavoidable multi hit beam,and several "Sphere's" that appear after giving her some punishment.

[edit] RepliForce General

This guy is easy cake, due to his huge size, most of his attacks are easy to avoid, when he attacks with his hand jump and use slash beast tech to deal some damage, keep in mind that eh can easily deplete your bar.

[edit] Sigma

As X:

Again use the Magma Dragoon skill to OHKO Sigma Reaper, dash jump and avoid each of sigma attacks, and keep using web spider tech which is the super effective, for his 3 bodies:

Head: If it blows you off dash and use Stingray's attack, humanoid mecha, soul body, , for the "3 faces" X buster, and stay some what away or in the center due to sigma head, absorption, if you are good with memory, try and remember where the faces show up in order to destroy em and quickly dispose of the head.

As Zero:

Sigma will give Zero a look of his past, when he used to be the last of Dr.Wiley creations, and how the Sigma Virus was originated.

To beat Reaper Sigma use Magma Dragoon's attack to finish him off in one hit, now comes the fun, he will reveal a 2nd form, simply, avoid if he throws the scythe at floor try to cling to a wall use Web Spider to deplete his HP, now Sigma, will reveal, no one, nor 2 but 3 bodies! Yeah, your in trouble, for the head that sucks you/blows you out Jet Stingray attack, the 3 colored one destroy them quickly with the Z saber, and the last body, a humanoid form sigma, with 2 attacks air attack a straight laser, and the other an earth aimed laser avoid both of them as soon As possible and hit him with a double jump rolling slash.

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