Mega Man X2

Mega Man X2
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Release date(s)NA December 15, 1994

JP December 16, 1994

EU July 12, 1995

AUS July 12, 1995
Genre(s)Action/Arcade, Side Scrolling
Mode(s)Single player
Available onSNES

It has been 6 months after Megaman X defeated the mavericks and their leader Sigma. But at a price, X has also lost his friend and partner, Zero. But, X has been hard at work to destroy the last of the remaining Mavericks, the information that was gained by Dr. Cain has reason to believe that the remaining mavericks are located in an abandoned factory that has been re-activated by the mavericks. But, what X doesn't know that there is a bigger problem at hand. A team of surviving Mavericks known as the "X-Hunters" are beginning a project called the "Unification". They have somehow recovered Zero's remains. X has to stop the X-Hunters and the Unification and save Zero.


[edit] Gameplay

Much like the other games in the series - you play as Mega Man X, out against Vile, Sigma, and an army of Mavericks. The typical features are all included, such as new weapons after defeating a boss, and Energy tanks.

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Eight Mavericks

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Dr. Light's Capsules

In Mega Man X2, you start with the Dash Boots originally acquired in Mega Man X. Scattered throughout the levels are capsules left by Dr. Light that enable you to upgrade X's base armor, the stages they are located on are as follows:

Air Dash Boots

Overdrive Osterich

Near the end of the stage, just above the boss door, is a chunk of blocks that can be cut open with Spin Wheel. Destroy the blocks and gain access to the air dash. Note: Requires Wheel Gator's weapon.

Map Helmet

Crystal Snail

Before traversing up the diagonal ice slide that leads to the boss door, slide down the left side of the last pit. A cave entrance will lead to the helmet upgrade.


Wheel Gator

After entering the level, crawl down the first two ladders. The X-Blaster is in the upper right corner just before dropping down to the moving platforms over the spikes. Jump up into the right corner and then out onto the wall hanging down. Slide down and then air dash to the left and then wall jump up into the chamber to get the Blaster. Note: Requires Air Dash.

Crush Body Armor

Morph Moth

After fighting through the initial defenses and entering the facility at the beginning of the level, go past the second large orange vertical beam. The floor will be clean of debris. Use two Spin Wheels to cut through the floor and gain access to the armor upgrade. Note: Requires Wheel Gator's weapon.

[edit] Hearts

Each level has a hidden heart, which will increase your total Hit points. They are located as follows:

Wire Sponge

As soon as you enter the level, climb up the left wall. A hidden alcove will contain the heart.

Wheel Gator

After completing the section with the walking power armor, climb up the ladder. The left wall will be covered in spikes and a heart will be sitting up on a ledge. Charge Speed Burner and stand on the closest raised ledge to the right. Dash jump to the left and then release Speed Burner to dash further over to the ledge above the spikes. Quickly wall jump up to get the heart. Note: Requires X-Blaster upgrade and Flame Stag's weapon.

Bubble Crab

After releasing the fish, jump over the first gate and wall jump up. A hidden alcove will contain various powerups. Don't enter the alcove, but dash jump off the wall to the left and try to land on the moving platform (may take a couple tries depending on the position of the platform). Ride the platform up to a second hidden alcove to obtain the heart.

Flame Stag

This heart will be clearly visible once you start the section where you have to race to stay ahead of the rising lava. Quickly destroy the wall and grab the heart before the lava rises too high.

Morph Moth

At the beginning of the level, there will be three green pillars in the ground with enemies standing on top of them. After reaching the third pillar, shoot the robot atop the pillar with Crystal Hunter to encase him in a crystal. Jump on top of the crystal and then dash jump to the right to get on top of the roof. There will be a spare life and, further on, a heart container. Note: Requires Crystal Snail's weapon.

Magna Centipede

Avoid detection by all of the search lights at the beginning of the level to keep the blocks from dropping from the ceiling and attacking you. After completing the search light section and before starting crushing block section, there will be a hole in the ceiling. If you traversed the search lights without being spotted, the security block will still be attached to the ceiling. Dash jump to the security block and then wall jump up into the chamber containing the heart. Note: This one may be easier to reach with a charged Speed Burner.

Crystal Snail

After starting the level, slide down the two sections of the ice slide and then obtain the walking power armor. Turn around and crawl back up the second section of the ice slide with the armor and jump into the pit and hang to the left. Once on the lower ledge, dash jump to the far left and use the power armor to fly to reach the far ledge and obtain the heart. Note: The power armor will often not be able to fly far enough. Two tricks are to either jump out of the power armor at the last moment, or tap the jump button (as opposed to holding it) to pulse the power armor's flight, which gives it a much greater distance.

Overdrive Osterich

After completing the desert bike riding section and going back in doors, the heart will be visible sitting on a bed of spikes. There are two ways to reach this heart. First Method: (requires no power-ups) After first getting the bike, drive the bike into the sand storm machine to destroy it. Then, continue left and shoot all of the walls until they are laying over, including the one across the large pit at the end of the course. Do NOT enter the building or you'll be locked inside. Turn around and go back to the beginning and grab another bike. Ride the bike to the end of the course, dash it across the pit, and then ride it into the facility and jump it up onto the ledge and ride it across the spikes. If you turn around in time, you can grab the heart without hitting the far wall of spikes and dying. This can require a bit of practice. Second Method: Stand on the small ledge before the bed of spikes. Charge Speed burner, do a small jump into the air and then air dash to the right. After the air dash completes, release the Speed Burner to dash into the heart. This will require you to die, but you will keep the heart. Note: Requires X-Blaster, Air Dash, and Flame Stag's weapon.

[edit] Sub-Tanks

Sub-tanks are energy-storing containers that allow you to replenish Mega Man's health. Sub-tanks are filled by collecting energy capsules; if X's health is full, additional energy capsules collected will be stored in the sub-tank. You can then access this stored energy in the sub-tanks from the pause menu to increase Mega Man's current life energy.

Wire Sponge's Stage

After reaching the second weather crystal at the beginning of the stage, dash jump to the left off of the first moving platform and back onto the column above the crystal. Climb the column to the upper ledge. Jump off the ledge to the right and stay on the upper walkway until you reach the sub-tank.

Bubble Crab

After releasing the large fish, drop down through the first gate and continue across the underwater pits. There will be a room with no visible doors that contains an energy capsule. Stand above the energy capsule and charge Bubble Splash. Once fully charged, release it. The bubbles swirling around you will let you jump to tremendous heights underwater. Jump up to the surface and then continue jumping on the surface of the water to move to the upper ledge on the left and obtain the sub-tank. Note: Requires X-Blaster and Bubble Crab's weapon.

Flame Stag

After staring the level, jump on the back of the mechanical beetle. The beetle will continue to rise. Ride it to the very top and then jump off to the left to obtain the sub-tank.

Magna Centipede

The sub-tank is in the alcove above the entrance to the Sword Boss. There are two methods to obtaining the sub-tank. First Method (requires no power-ups): Hurry as fast as possible through the smashing block section. Jump through the blocks before they move instead of waiting for them to finish and quickly reach the pit before the final block moves. Stand next to the pit (don't stand under the block) and wait for it to drop. Jump onto the block, ride it out into the pit, and then dash jump off of it and onto the wall hanging down. Wall jump up into the chamber to get the sub-tank. Second Method: Take your time getting through the moving blocks and wait for them to pass. Stand on the upper ledge to the left before the pit. Charge Speed Burner. Jump out to the right (do not dash jump), then air dash as far to the right as possible. Then, release Speed Burner and dash further to the right and grab onto the ledge. Wall jump up into the chamber. Note: Requires Air Dash, X-Blaster, and Flame Stag's weapon.

[edit] Shoryuken Uppercut

Once you've found all eight heart containers, each of the four sub-tanks, and gotten the four body upgrades for X you can obtain the secret Shoryuken Uppercut attack. If you don't have all of these things, you will not be able to obtain this upgrade -- the game's greatest secret and most powerful attack.

After reaching the third X-Hunter Base stage (Vile's stage), finish the section with the moving platforms and go to the right. There will be a wall of spikes and a ladder that goes up and a ladder that goes down. Go back to the left and attract the attention of a mechanical bat. Once he's near the ladder, shoot him with Crystal Hunter to freeze him into a crystal. Jump on the crystal and use it to reach the upper ladder.

You must complete this section with full life and full sub tanks. Take great care to not get hit by anything.

Defeat the enemies at the top of the ladder and refill your life with the energy capsules if necessary. Charge the Speed Burner and then drop off the ledge and release it to fly over the spikes to the right and land on the far ledge. Pause the game and equip the Spin Wheel (other weapons will work, but this is very effective). Shoot spin wheels at the two advancing robots to destroy them before they can damage you.

Do a small jump and then air dash to the right to get between the second set of spikes.

Climb the steps and then charge the Speed Burner again. Jump out to the right (don't dash jump), air dash to the right, drop straight down through the spikes, and then release the Speed Burner to the left.

Slide down the left wall, and once you reach the 4th smooth gray wall, you'll enter a hidden chamber. If you have all the requirements and have full life, an upgrade capsule will be sitting on the top step.

Approach the capsule as you normally would to meet Dr. Light dressed up in his Street Fighter costume. He'll give you the Soryuken attack, which can destroy any boss or enemy in the game with a single hit (except Sigma's final form). To activate the attack, you must first have a full health meter. Then push forward, down, down-forward, and attack to release the flaming uppercut.

[edit] Energy Replenishing Rooms

There are several rooms scattered throughout the levels that seemingly have nothing in them, notably in Bubble Crab, Crystal Snail, and Overdrive Ostrich's levels. If you have the X-Blaster and Silk Shot (Morph Moth's weapon), charge the weapon while in the room, and you'll suck in a large amount of power-ups. The rooms in Crystal Snail's and Overdrive Ostrich's levels will suck in weapon capsules. The room in Bubble Crab's will suck in energy capsules.

The room in Bubble Crab's level is hidden. After releasing the large fish (which can be killed instantly with the Crush Armor upgrade), drop through the first gate and immediately slide down the wall on the left. You'll enter the secret room. Charge Silk Shot to suck in energy capsules and refill all of your sub-tanks in only a matter of moments.

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