Mega Man X

Mega Man X
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Release date(s)Jan 1999
Genre(s)Action/Arcade, Side Scrolling
Mode(s)Single player
Available onSNES, PC, PSX, PS2, Gamecube


[edit] Gameplay

Much like the other games in the series - you play as Mega Man X, out against Vile, Sigma, and an army of Mavericks. The typical features are all included, such as new weapons after defeating a boss, and Energy tanks.

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Eight Mavericks

[edit] Bosses

[edit] Dr. Light's Capsules

Scattered throughout the levels are capsules left by Dr. Light that enable you to upgrade X's base armor, the stages they are located on are as follows:

Dash Boots

Chill Penguin

About half way through the level, the capsule will be blocking your path. You have to get the upgrade to continue.


Storm Eagle

After completing the moving platform section, you will climb a very tall scaffolding. Drop down the other side of the scaffolding and then dash jump out to the upper ledge. Destroy the flame canisters to gain access to the chamber with the helmet upgrade. Note: Requires Dash boots.


Flame Mammoth

Complete the first conveyor belt section and drop down. Jump up onto the ledge at the very beginning of the pick-axemen section. There will be some destructible blocks up to the far left. Dash jump to grab a hold of the ledge and continue to jump as quickly as possible. You'll soon start to climb through the blocks, bashing the way with your head. Once in the upper chamber, you'll have access to the X-Blaster. Note: Requires Dash Boots and Helmet Upgrade. Also, if you do not obtain the X-Blaster, Zero will give it to X after he dies at the end of Sigma Stage 1.

Body Armor

Sting Chameleon

Before entering the falling rock cave, dash jump up to the wall high up on the right. Climb the wall and enter the chamber. Rocks will fall and block your exit and you will be force to fight a robot. He requires many, many hits to destroy, but isn't overly difficult once you understand his pattern. He'll start to smoke more and more as he becomes damaged. Once destroyed, the armor capsule will appear.

[edit] Hearts

Each level has a hidden heart, which will increase your total Hit points. They are located as follows:

Armored Armadillo

When you reach the second rock crusher, instead of dropping down behind it like you normally would, slide down the wall and land in front of it. Dash ahead of it and climb the wall above you when you see the heart container. Secondly, if you charge the Fire Wave and release it behind the rock crusher, it will quickly destroy it and you can take your time getting the heart container.

Boomer Kuwanger

After climbing up the tower on the outside of the level, you'll see the heart container just out of reach at the top. Stand to the left of the container and throw the Boomerang Cutters at the container until you manage to grab it. Note: You need the Boomerang Cutters.

A second method is to charge Chill Penguin's weapon, which will release an ice sled. Stand in the room to the left and release the sled, right it out, and then dash jump out to the upper ledge. (Requires X-Blaster and Shotgun Ice).

There is a third method of getting it that has a high degree of difficulty. Mega Man X can Dash Jump off the very top of the wall underneath, but margin for error is only two pixels. Generally, this jump is attempted by speedrunners to avoid replaying the level.

Chill Penguin

Move through the level until you reach the green robot suit. Jump on the first green pole you come to, jump into the air, and press jump + up while in mid-air to have Mega Man exit the suit. Make him wall-jump up the wall here, and destroy the first bunker with the Fire Wave to get the container. If you have difficulty grabbing the ledge, complete the walking power armor section and dash jump onto the upper ledge from the far end, as it is a shorter distance. Note: You need the Fire Wave.

Flame Mammoth

You need to have defeated Chill Penguin so the lava in this stage has turned to ice. Move to the bottom right corner of the room with all of the pick-axemen. The heart is located below the platform here.

Launch Octopus

When you reach the blue spirals of water, take the third one up and jump on a boat. Destroy the boat by shooting it's eye, and it will crash through the ocean floor. Move to the right, destroy the sub-boss, and move further to the right to grab the container.

Spark Mandrill

A little ways after encountering the sub-boss, you'll see what appears to be a dead-end with your only path leading down below you. However, up above you in the right-hand corner of the room is a container. Scale the wall up near the item, and dash-jump off the wall and out to the ledge to reach it.

Sting Chameleon

Before entering the falling rock cave, slide down the gap below and destroy the bricks here by wall-jumping on them with the dash upgrade. Clear the lower platform of blocks and then charge Shotgun Ice. Release to create a sled and then dash-jump off the sled and out to the right to reach the container. Note: If you've beaten Launch Octopus, this jump is significantly easier to make as the area will be filled with water and will only require a dash jump. Requires the dash upgrade.

Storm Eagle

At the beginning of the stage, ride the moving platforms up as far up as they will go. When you are at the highest point, dash-jump as far as you can to the left to reach a ledge with the heart container. Note: You need the dash upgrade.

[edit] Sub-Tanks

Sub-tanks are energy-storing containers that allow you to replenish Mega Man's health. Sub-tanks are filled by collecting energy capsules; if X's health is full, additional energy capsules collected will be stored in the sub-tank. You can then access this stored energy in the sub-tanks from the pause menu to increase Mega Man's current life energy.

Armored Armadillo's Stage

Instead of dropping down the gap that leads to the first rock crusher, slide down the wall on the left side until the crusher passes below you. Move to the left to find the sub-tank.

Flame Mammoth's Stage

In the room with all the pick-axemen and the heart container, make your way up as far and to the left as you can by navigating the platforms. Once you're as far as you can go, dash-jump to the left and wall-jump up the wall here. The sub-tank is behind a few bricks that can be destroyed by jumping off of them, or head butting them (if beneath them and have the helmet upgrade).

Spark Mandrill's Stage

Take the first ladder leading down that you come across in the beginning of the stage. Move right, destroying the two blue robots, until you come to a solid wall. The tank is visible on the other side of the wall, but we'll need the Boomerang Cutters to reach it. Stand near the wall, jump in the air, and throw the cutters to grab the tank. Depending on timing, the cutters may curve up or down. The cutters need to go downwards to grab the tank.

Storm Eagle's Stage

Once you encounter the first gray platform that rises up and down, destroy the green enemy sitting on it. Stand on the platform and let it take you straight up. Destroy the blue glass to your right and jump in the passageway up here. Kill the blue robot and proceed to grab the sub-tank.

[edit] Hadouken Fireball

Once you've found all eight heart containers, each of the four sub-tanks, and gotten the four body upgrades for X you can obtain the secret Hadouken Fireball attack. If you don't have all of these things, you will not be able to obtain this upgrade-- the game's greatest secret and most powerful attack.

There are different rumors as to the exact series of steps that must be carried out in order to obtain the Fireball, so while the method listed below may not be the only way, it has been verified to work.

Enter Armored Armadillo's stage and fight the bat at the bottom of the first ramp until you have at least five lives. Once you have five lives, continue through the level like you normally would. When you reach the final moving cart, jump on and ride it until it reaches the large chasm at the very end. When you're about eighty percent of the way across the chasm, jump off the cart and your momentum should carry you up to a ledge. Sitting on this ledge is an energy capsule. Grab the capsule, and jump off the ledge to the left and into the chasm to your death. Do this four more times, and when you return to the ledge on the fifth time, a Light capsule will be sitting next to the energy capsule.

Approach the capsule as you normally would to meet Dr. Light dressed up in his Street Fighter costume. He'll give you the Hadouken attack, which can destroy any boss or enemy in the game with a single hit (except Sigma's final form). To activate the attack, you must first have a full health meter. Then push down-forward, forward, and attack to release the Fireball.

Note: You may have to push down, down-forward, forward to activate the fireball if you can't get the other combination to work.

[edit] Re-Releases

Megaman X was available on a wide variety of platforms. Its first port was on DOS. It was bundled in with several others in the Megaman X Series (X - X6, as well as Mega Man Battle and Mega Man Chase) in the Mega Man X Collection on the next-gen systems (PS2 and Gamecube). Another remake version was released for the PSP called the Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. In Mega Man Maverick Hunter X you were also able to play as Vile.

[edit] Game Story

After Dr. Wily was catered by the original Megaman, Dr. Thomas Light had began a secret project, this was creating a new type of robot, a robot that can feel more like human it is called a "Reploid". Dr. Light called his reploid "Megaman X". However, when Dr. Light finished his project, he had to store it into a capsule, because 30 years was needed before his reploid can be activated, unfortunately, Dr. Light does not expect himself to live for that long. The years after Dr. Light's death, reploids have been a standard for robot creation, however, it was not long before some of these reploids have decided that humans are inferior and need to be executed. These reploids were known as "Mavericks", and soon an organization that was originated by a scientist named Dr. Cain was called "Maverick Hunters" led by Cain's creation named "Sigma". Then, there was a time where Sigma became a Maverick himself and became their new leader. That is when Cain scrambled to find another reploid, then he found the ruins of Dr. Light's lab and X. Cain released X in the midst of Sigma's revolt on humans, thus, X acted immediately to stop Sigma and his mavericks, and to help the hunters' new leader, Zero.

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