Mega Man Battle Network 3

Mega Man Battle Network 3
Mega Man White version.jpg Blue version.jpg
Developer:Capcom Production Studio 2
Available for:Game Boy Advance, Game Boy SP, Game Boy Micro
Release Date:JP Dec 6, 2002
NA Jun 24, 2003
PAL July 4, 2003

The thrid Mega Man game for handheld systems. You are Megaman in the computers and Lan in the human world. You must use both Megaman and Lan to beat the game, and you can only eneter the compuer world on ports in many computers. There is the blue version, and the white version, both have the same base game, but each one has a few unique features. This Megaman game features a very customizeable Megaman, with a program that can turn Megaman into a Fire version, that is immune to flames, to a Plant Version, that gains HP when standing on grass.

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