Mega Man 9

Mega Man 9
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Mega Man 9
Released:September 22, 2008
Available for:Wii, Playstation 3, Xbox 360



Mega Man 9 was the revival of the classic, 8-bit style which is how the game took off. After the previous 16-bit games, [Mega Man 7 and 8] Capcom decided to go retro and please the fans with this new installment, Mega Man 9. It's been over 10 years, and Mega Man fans should be excited!

Mega Man marks the start of a benchmark Capcom franchise Mega Man is a 8-bit platformer in which the player takes control of the main protagonist, Mega Man in search to destroy a set of 8 Robot Masters, gain their signature weapons, and enter Dr. Wily's castle. Mega Man has a heath bar that, and when it is depleted, it's game over. However, enemies in the levels sometimes drop energy so Rock can replenish part of his health back. Each different Robot Master has their own unique level, and fight pattern. The player's job is to figure out which weapons work the best on which Robot, making it easier to defeat him, and move on with the game. All Robot Masters have a weakness, but one must be destroyed with Mega Man »'s Mega Buster.

After that's said, and done Mega Man must travel through a few more stages in Wily's Castle, defeat the Mini-Bosses inside, and take on Dr. Wily. These levels are played in a straight pattern so you cannot pick which level you do first. Before you take on Wily, you must defeat the Robot Masters you previously defeated as final test. When the player does fight Wily, he will usually have to fight a robot crafted from Dr. Wily rather than take the man on himself. This fight typically in split into 3 different parts with no health regeneration in-between. The player must get through the whole fight in one live. When that is completed, Mega Man has saved the day, and the game is over.

Game Story

20XX when the world was at peace, 8 new robot masters started an attack on the city, and Wily quickly made a broadcast claiming these robots were created by Dr. Light, and he is to blame for the attacks on the city. This is obviously incorrect, and Mega Man has to find a way to clear Light’s name. Mega Man had to act fast thought because the police arrived to arrest Dr. Light soon after.

Mega Man went to defeat the 8 robots, and learned a terrible secret. All of these robots were to be destroyed because their expiration dates had expired! It turns out, Wily had persuaded these robots to revolt instead of being destroyed.

Mega Man soon reached Wily’s tower. His mission was to confront Wily, clear Dr. Light’s name, and return peace to the world. Mega Man achieved just that, but as he had Rush replay the clips of Wily begging for forgiveness from the previous games, Wily told Mega Man that Dr. Light was in the next room behind bars. Mega Man acted quickly. It was a choice between saving Dr. Light and killing Dr. Wily. Before Mega Man could act, Proto Man arrived to inform Rock that it was a trap, and he was making the wrong choice by saving Light. Mega Man disregarded Proto Man’s advice, and was electrocuted by the bars. Wily escaped and Proto Man had to save Mega Man from the corrupting tower.

Robot Masters

DWN. 065 Hornet Man
DWN. 066 Concrete Man
DWN. 067 Tornado Man
DWN. 068 Magma Man
DWN. 069 Plug Man
DWN. 070 Jewel Man
DWN. 071 Galaxy Man
DWN. 072 Splash Woman

Downloadable Content

All DLC for Mega Man 9 is available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii consoles. None of these DLC packs will count towards your score on the leaderboard.

Hero Mode DLC: This is a higher difficulty to the main game
Superhero Mode DLC: This is an even higher difficulty than Hero mode for the main game
Endless Attack DLC: Try and see how far you can get on an endless level with gruesome enemies and obstacles. The distance is measured in screens.
Special Stage DLC: This is an add on to the 8 original stages. See if you can manuever through this stage and defeat the Robot Master at the end.
Proto Man DLC: Play through the main game as Proto Man. He takes more damage than Mega Man does, but is equipped with a shield and a few other perks.

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