Mega Man 8

Mega Man 8
Mega Man 8

[edit] Game Story

As Mega Man was battling Bass in the city, he gets a call to look into an uncharted Island. He quickly arrives on the scene, and has to defeat a crab-like robot, and soon after meets Dr. Wily who reveals this was his base while leaving with an orb glowing with energy. Dumbfounded, Mega Man finds an injured robot, and returns to Dr. Light’s lab with the robot. Sounds a lot like the situation with Bass. The Blue Bomber ought to be careful. Dr. Light later informs Mega Man that Wily’s got 4 robots causing destruction on the city, and sends Mega Man to take care of it.

After defeating the robots, Mega Man returns to the lab with capsules of energy that he found. As Doctor Light studied the energy capsules, the injured Robot breaks free and heads to the desert. Mega Man shortly goes after him, fights him, and the robot flees. Proto Man arrives immediately after, and informs Rock that Wily’s castle is just ahead. Mega Man has a lot on his plate, but he had to go on.

Before Mega Man can make it to Wily’s palace, he’s captured from a new, massive robot. As the worst looks inevitable, the injured robot from earlier comes to his rescue and saves Mega Man. He later identifies himself as Duo, the destroyer of evil energy like the kind Mega Man found earlier. He also informs Mega Man that he must defeat 4 more robot masters before he’s able to penetrate Wily’s fortress. Duo and Rock split up. Duo goes to destroy the rest of the evil energy, and Mega Man goes to destroy the other 4 robots.

The Blue Bomber takes the robots with ease, and infiltrates Wily’s tower to find Bass infused with the power of the evil energy. Bass was tougher, but Mega Man prevailed and proceeded on to Wily. As Mega Man got to the Doctor’s quarters, he was again captured by a force field of energy. Again, Duo comes to the rescue with Proto Man at his side, and they save Mega Man leaving the path to Wily clear. Duo is injured at this point, and Mega Man tells Proto Man to take care of Duo while Rock goes to take care of Wily. After Mega Man defeats Wily, he is infused with the evil energy, and quickly loses energy. Once again, Duo comes to the rescue and absorbs the evil energy from Mega Man after leaving the collapsing castle. As Mega Man awakens, Duo is gone and Proto Man is sitting in a tree behind him. Proto Man tells Rock that Duo had a message. He said “Thank You.”

[edit] Robot Masters

DWN. 057 Tengu Man
DWN. 058 Astro Man
DWN. 059 Sword Man
DWN. 060 Clown Man
DWN. 061 Search Man
DWN. 062 Frost Man
DWN. 063 Grenade Man
DWN. 064 Aqua Man

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