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Mega Man 7
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[edit] Game Story

Six months after the events in Mega Man 6, Dr. Wily activated a group of 4 robots he had hidden away in case his plan backfired. These robots were awoken, Wily was rescued from his prison cell, and Mega Man hears the call for help.

Upon arrival, Mega Man is greeted by a mysterious robot named Bass with his robot dog companion, Treble (Again with the music references.) Mega Man and Bass fight for no adequately explored reason until Bass reveals he’s on a mission to take down Wily. Apparently this squabble was really a test. Bass leaves while telling Mega Man, “You probably don’t need my help.” He seems suspicious.

Mega Man then gets to his main task. He has to destroy these 4 robots that are terrorizing the city before he can confront Wily. After Mega Man defeats the robots, he finds even more trouble. Wily is attacking the robot museum. As Mega Man arrives, we find Wily escaping with a robot that looks similar to Guts Man. Wily gets away while leaving a giant, clown-like robot to deal with Rock. Seems like Mega Man can’t ever get a rest

Before Mega Man gets back to the lab, he finds Bass critically injured, and takes him home to the lab for repairs. To his surprise, Mega Man finds the lab destroyed soon after and discovers that Bass was behind the destruction. He also finds that Bass has stolen the blueprints for the Super Rush Adapter which was an add-on intended for Mega Man and Rush. An even bigger surprise is revealed when Doc Wily appears on screen to tell Mega Man and Dr. Light that Bass was his creation, and the past events were a plot planned out by Wily for a while.

Now Mega Man’s goal is to find Bass and defeat him before pursuing Wily. Mega Man finds that the fight with Bass is a difficult one considering Bass and Treble are using the Rush adapter. Mega Man later defeats Wily, once again, and this time threatens to kill him, holding Wily at Mega Buster-point! However, Mega Man hesitates as Wily says “You cannot harm humans. You are more than just a robot.” At that, Bass arrives to save the doctor as the castle sets on fire. Mega Man now knows Bass is not one to be trusted.

[edit] Robot Masters

DWN. 049 Freeze Man
DWN. 050 Junk Man
DWN. 051 Burst Man
DWN. 052 Cloud Man
DWN. 053 Spring Man
DWN. 054 Slash Man
DWN. 055 Shade Man
DWN. 056 Turbo Man

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