Mega Man 5

Mega Man 5

[edit] Game Story

Mega Man 5 is entirely based around Proto Man and his scheming plot. To Rock’s dismay, Proto Man has kidnapped Dr. Light, and is destroying the city with 8 beefed up robot masters under his control. Mega Man, being the robot of justice that he is, heads out to investigate, defeats the 8 robot masters, and reaches the castle.

To his surprise, Mega Man finds that the whole castle has images of Proto Man everywhere. Either Proto Man’s gone insane or he’s become very conceited. Either way, Mega Man has to stop him. When Mega Man reaches Proto Man, he has a hard time fighting him due to the fact that they are allies. Mega Man takes a good amount of damage before the real Proto Man arrives on the scene! Proto Man clears up the confusion and reveals the imposter for what he really is: a robot called Dark Man. After Mega Man learns this information, he has no problem defeating Dark Man and saving the day…but Dr. Light isn’t there!

Soon after, Dr. Wily shows up to taunt Mega Man; saying that he has Light held captive at his castle and challenges Mega Man to come rescue him. Mega Man makes the choice to go save Dr. Light, defeats Wily, and saves the day another time.

[edit] Robot Masters

DWN. 033 Gravity Man
DWN. 034 Wave Man
DWN. 035 Stone Man
DWN. 036 Gyro Man
DWN. 037 Star Man
DWN. 038 Charge Man
DWN. 039 Napalm Man
DWN. 040 Crystal Man

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