Mega Man 3

Mega Man 3


[edit] Overview

Mega Man 3 is the third game in the Mega Man Classic series. It is a platform game released by Capcom in 1990 for the NES. This game introduced the Rush transportation system as well as the very handy sliding system. It also introduced the very popular character Proto Man.

[edit] Game Story

Dr. Wily is back at it again, but with good intentions! He returns to help Dr. Light create an all new, peacekeeping robot called Gamma. As the story continues, we find that the robots aiding with the Gamma project have mysteriously run off with energy crystals that Dr. Light needed to finish the project. Mega Man comes to the rescue and defeats the robots while meeting Proto Man (Break Man) during the way, and returns all the crystals for the Gamma project. All is saved…until he finds that Gamma is missing from the lab! It’s found out later that Gamma has been stolen by Doctor Wily, and he’s planning to use Gamma’s power to take over the world.

Mega Man knows what he has to do. Scale Wily’s fortress, defeat Gamma and confront Wily. All in a day’s work. Mega Man saves the day with easy, and all is at peace.

[edit] Game Bosses

  • No. 017 Needle Man: Needle Man is very similar to Metal Man from Mega Man 2, with the exception of his spike-headed melee attack. Mega man will gain his Needle Cannon when defeated. His weakness is Gemini Laser.
  • No. 018 Magnet Man: Magnet Man has the power to magnetically pull Mega Man towards himself, becoming invincible in the process. He will also attach himself to the roof and launch his Magnet Missile. His weakness is Spark Shock.
  • No. 019 Gemini Man: Gemini Man has the power of replication, so for most of the fight, Mega Man will have to face 2 bosses. He will also launch regular bullets along with his Gemini Laser. His weakness is Search Snake.
  • No. 020 Hard Man: Hard Man will cause an earthquake as he slams his head into the ground. He also uses his Hard Knuckle attack. His weakness is Magnet Missile.
  • No. 021 Top Man: Top Man uses his spinning tops to attack Mega Man. He will also charge at Mega Man with his Top Spin. His weakness is Hard Knuckle.
  • No. 022 Snake Man: Snake Man's boss room is on uneven ground. He will run around and use his Search Snakes to try to defeat Mega Man. His weakness is Needle Cannon.
  • No. 023 Spark Man: Spark Man's boss room is also on uneven ground. He will send out an electric pulse, sending little sparks everywhere. He will then launch his Spark Shock straight at Mega Man. His weakness is Shadow Blade.
  • No. 024 Shadow Man: Shadow Man is a skillful ninja. He'll fire his Shadow Blades 2 at a time and occasionally slide. His weakness is the laughable Top Spin.

[edit] Wily Stages


  • No. 000 Break Man/Proto Man: Mega Man will occasionally encounter his older brother, Proto Man. Once defeated, he will break away an obstacle in the way of your progress (thus the name Break Man). Mega Man will also have to fight Break man again on a stage (that looks very similar to Hard Man's stage) before heading on to Dr. Wily's castle.

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