Mega Man 2

Megaman 2
Megama 2.jpgMegaman 2
ReleasedDecember 24, 1988
Available forNES, Gamecube, Playstation, PSN, Mobile Phone


[edit] Overview

Mega Man marks the start of a benchmark Capcom franchise Mega Man is a 8-bit platformer in which the player takes control of the main protagonist, Mega Man in search to destroy a set of 6 Robot Masters, gain their signature weapons, and enter Dr. Wily's castle. Mega Man has a heath bar that, and when it is depleted, it's game over. However, enemies in the levels sometimes drop energy so Rock can replenish part of his health back. Mega Man 2 introduces the new item, the E Tank which will restore Mega Man's health to full. Each different Robot Master has their own unique level, and fight pattern. The player's job is to figure out which weapons work the best on which Robot, making it easier to defeat him, and move on with the game. All Robot Masters have a weakness, but one must be destroyed with Mega Man's Mega Buster.

After that's said, and done Mega Man must travel through a few more stages in Wily's Castle, defeat the Mini-Bosses inside, and take on Dr. Wily. These levels are played in a straight pattern so you cannot pick which level you do first. Before you take on Wily, you must defeat the Robot Masters you previously defeated as final test. When the player does fight Wily, he will usually have to fight a robot crafted from Dr. Wily rather than take the man on himself. This fight typically in split into 3 different parts with no health regeneration in-between. The player must get through the whole fight in one live. When that is completed, Mega Man has saved the day, and the game is over.

[edit] Game Story

A few months have passed since Megaman had defeated the notorious Dr. Wily. But, Wily is now planning to strike back to who had opposed him, he creates 8 of his own robots to try to defeat Megaman once and for all.

[edit] Game Bosses

(Possible Spoilers)

Note: No bosses in Mega Man 2 have "immune time" after being hit, like they do in later games in the Mega Man series. As fast as you can shoot them is as fast as they take damage.

Metal Man jumps and throws his Metal Blades at you. But his boss room's floor is a conveyor belt and he has the power to change its direction. His weakness is Quick Boomerang. Metal Man is also unique in that he is weak to his own weapon: it will kill him in two hits (or one on normal).

Air Man will cover the screen in tornadoes. Mega Man will gain his Air Shooter after he is defeated. His weakness is Leaf Shield. Dr. Light completes Item 2 when Air Man is defeated.

Bubble Man's boss room is under water. It's also lined with spikes at the top. His weapon is the Bubble Lead, and his weakness (like many others) is the Metal Blades.

Quick Man's boss room has two small hills that meet in the middle of the room. He tries to ram you as he uses his Quick Boomerang. His weaknesses are Time Stopper and Crash Bomb.

Crash Man never stops moving. He'll jump when shot at and use his Crash Bomb. His weakness is Air Shooter.

Flash Man's boss stage is set on unsteady ground. He'll use his Time Stopper, then fire a spray of bullets. His weakness is the Metal Blade. Dr. Light completes Item 3 when Flash Man is defeated.

Heat Man is a living butane lighter. He'll fire his Atomic Fire weapon, then turn into flames and try to run Mega Man down. His weakness is the obvious Bubble Lead. Dr. Light completes Item 1 when Heat Man is defeated.

Wood Man closely resembles a tree stump. He'll soot razor sharp leaves into the air, which then rain down on you. He'll also throw his protection, the Leaf Shield at Mega Man. His Weaknesses are Atomic Fire and Metal Blade. Two fully charged Atomic Fires will destroy him (one on Normal).

[edit] Wily Stages

Note: No bosses in Mega Man 2 have "immune time" after being hit, like they do in later games in the Mega Man series. As fast as you can shoot them is as fast as they take damage. This is important to note, especially with the Wily Castle bosses.

Mech Dragon Weakness: Quick Boomerang

Pico-Pico Master Weakness: Metal Blade

Guts-Dozer Weakness: A well placed Crash Bomb on his fist. Or Bubble Lead.

Boobeam Traps Weakness: Crash Bomb. (Immune to all other weapons)

There are two methods:

  • Destroy all the barriers and then die (the barriers will stay destroyed). Refill Crash Bombs and then re-enter the boss room.
  • Use Item 1 and Item 3 to traverse the room and ONLY destroy the barriers that fully block a turret. There will be just enough Crash Bomb to destroy the necessary barriers and all the turrets. One wrong barrier destroyed or one missed shot and you will not be able to defeat the boss without dying.

Wily Machine Weakness: Metal Blade (both iteration 1 & 2)

Alien Wily Weakness: Bubble Lead (All other weapons will heal him to 100%)

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