Mega Man 10

Mega Man 10
Mega Man 10
Realease date(s):
  • (USA) March 1, 2010
  • (Japan) March 9, 2010
  • (Europe) March 5, 2010
Available for:Wii, PS3, Xbox 360


[edit] Overview

Mega Man 9 was the revival of the classic, 8-bit style which is how the game took off. After the previous 16-bit games, [Mega Man 7 and 8] Capcom decided to go retro and please the fans with a new installment, Mega Man 9. A year later, they're giving the fans more of the classic Blue Bomber Mega Man 10.

Mega Man marked the start of a benchmark Capcom franchise Mega Man is a 8-bit platformer in which the player takes control of the main protagonist, Mega Man in search to destroy a set of 8 Robot Masters, gain their signature weapons, and enter Dr. Wily's castle. Mega Man has a heath bar that, and when it is depleted, it's game over. However, enemies in the levels sometimes drop energy so Rock can replenish part of his health back. Each different Robot Master has their own unique level, and fight pattern. The player's job is to figure out which weapons work the best on which Robot, making it easier to defeat him, and move on with the game. All Robot Masters have a weakness, but one must be destroyed with Mega Man's Mega Buster. Mega Man 10 also introduced the Weapon Tank which will restore one of Rock's weapon gauges to full.

After that's said, and done Mega Man must travel through a few more stages in Wily's Castle, defeat the Mini-Bosses inside, and take on Dr. Wily. These levels are played in a straight pattern so you cannot pick which level you do first. Before you take on Wily, you must defeat the Robot Masters you previously defeated as final test. When the player does fight Wily, he will usually have to fight a robot crafted from Dr. Wily rather than take the man on himself. This fight typically in split into 3 different parts with no health regeneration in-between. The player must get through the whole fight in one live. When that is completed, Mega Man has saved the day, and the game is over.

[edit] Game Story

A new epidemic, Roboenza seems to have spread everywhere around the city. Almost every robot has it including Roll. She falls ill after returning from a day of shopping. Mega Man quickly assumes Wily is behind it all, but to his surprise, Wily claims he has the cure! After defeating another set of 8 defunct robot masters, Mega Man quickly finds out that Wily has been behind the Roboenza all along which wasn’t much of a surprise. After learning all this information necessary to finish Wily, Mega Man comes down with the disease himself, but Roll, who was given the antidote at an earlier time, gives to to Mega Man so he can go on, and save the rest of the robots in the city.

Mega Man soon after, scales Wily’s tower, and teaches him a lesson about causing havoc. All seemed in Mega Man’s favor until Wily quickly came down with Roboenza himself! His last words before Mega Man rushed him to the hospital were “but I’m human!” Is Dr. Wily really a robot or is this just a robot created by Wily? Regardless, Mega Man admits Wily to the hospital before it’s too late. Soon after, the game fades to a cut scene, and we find that Wily has escaped from the hospital, leaving behind a room-full of the cure for Roboenza. We left to speculation, but Wily may be a good guy after all.

[edit] Robot Masters

DWN. 073 Pump Man
DWN. 074 Solar Man
DWN. 075 Chill Man
DWN. 076 Nitro Man
DWN. 077 Commando Man
DWN. 078 Blade Man
DWN. 079 Strike Man
DWN. 080 Sheep Man

[edit] Downloadable Content

Endless Attack DLC: Try and see how far you can get on an endless level with gruesome enemies and obstacles. The distance is measured in screens.
Special Stage 1 DLC: This is an add on to the 8 original stages. See if you can manuever through this stage and defeat the Robot Master at the end.
Special Stage 2 DLC: This is an add on to the 8 original stages. See if you can manuever through this stage and defeat the Robot Master at the end.
Special Stage 3 DLC: This is an add on to the 8 original stages. See if you can manuever through this stage and defeat the Robot Master at the end.
Bass DLC: Play through the main game as Bass. He differs from Mega Man and has a few extra perks.

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