Mega Man (Character)

Mega Man (Character)
NameMega Man (Character)
First Appeared InMega Man
Appears InSee Mega Man Classic series, [Marvel VS. Capcom], [Marvel VS. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes]
WeaponMega Buster

Mega Man is the main character of the Mega Man franchise, as suggested by his name.


[edit] Overview

After Proto Man ran off in fear of Dr. Light changing his personality, Light created two new, perfected Robots under the titles Rock and Roll because of his love for that genre of music. They were both made purely for housework which made them like servants to Light. Rock was different, however. He had a sense of justice inside him and wanted to let the intellectual side of him come out. Eventually, Dr. Wily, Light's partner in science, stole the new robots that the two scientists worked so tediously on. He started to terrorize the city, and Rock knew it was his duty to stop him. Light transformed him into a brand new fighting machine, and his persona of "Mega Man" was born. Until this day, Mega Man is still fighting for justice with different allies and weapons in each game.

[edit] Mega Man

Mega Man was a newly created robot, and displayed his sense of justice by taking on the responsibility of defeating the stolen robots that Wily had reprogrammed for destructive purposes. Mega Man's first quest began, and he easily destroyed the robots, gained their powers, and entered Wily's castle. The basic set-up for his castle was created; 3-4 different stages with the final fight with Wily at the end. After he maneuvered through, he defeated Wily, and Wily begs for forgiveness. Being the just robot that he is, Rock spares him and goes home to rest in peace...for good?

[edit] Mega Man 2

Wily returns again to wreak havoc on the city with 8 new, and improved Robot Masters. Once again, Mega Man springs into action to beat the robots and defeat Wily again.

Mega Man, once again, grants forgiveness and returns home to relax. Sounds like Mega Man is becoming a pushover.

[edit] Mega Man 3

Doc Wily is back at it again, but with good intentions! He returns to help Dr. Light create an all new, peacekeeping robot called Gamma. As the story continues, we find that the robots aiding with the Gamma project have mysteriously run off with energy crystals that Dr. Light needed to finish the project. Mega Man comes to the rescue and defeats the robots while meeting Proto Man (Break Man) during the way, and returns all the crystals for the Gamma project. All is saved…until he finds that Gamma is missing from the lab! It’s found out later that Gamma has been stolen by Doctor Wily, and he’s planning to use Gamma’s power to take over the world.

Mega Man knows what he has to do. Scale Wily’s fortress, defeat Gamma and confront Wily. All in a day’s work. Mega Man saves the day with easy, and all is at peace.

[edit] Mega Man 4

One day, a random scientist named Dr. Cossack messaged Dr. Light and challenged him into a competition to see if Mega Man really was the strongest robot around. Light accepted and Mega Man was up for the challenge, but Cossacks robots eventually start malfunctioning (can't anyone make a decent robot without fault?), and Rock has to stop them and scale Cossack's tower to confront him as well.

After Mega Man reaches Cossack, he reveals that his daughter, Kalinka, was kidnapped by Wily and was being forced to act how he did. Proto Man eventually learns of this information, and does what he can by saving Cossack’s daughter while clearing the way for Mega Man to accomplish his task.

Rock scales Wily’s castle once more, defeats Wily’s new machine, and saves the world. What a guy!

[edit] Street Fighter X Megaman (Non Cannon)

Months after Megaman defeated Dr. Wily and saved Kalinka and Dr.Cossack. Megaman was hoping to get some time off, instead he received a challenge from the Ruthless leader of Shadaloo: M.Bison to compete in the World Warrior Tournament. Megaman accepts the challenge and prepairs for battle once more. He faces the other competitors such as Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Rose, Rolento F. Shugerg, Urien and C. Viper. Megaman defeats them all and eventually faces Shadaloo. He defeats Balrog, Vega and eventually makes his way to the S.I.N. Headquarters. As Megaman destroys S.I.N. headquarters, he faces M.Bison himself and eventually defeats him.

[edit] Mega Man 5

Mega Man 5 is entirely based around Proto Man and his scheming plot. To Rock’s dismay, Proto Man has kidnapped Dr. Light, and is destroying the city with 8 beefed up robot masters under his control. Mega Man, being the robot of justice that he is, heads out to investigate, defeats the 8 robot masters, and reaches the castle.

To his surprise, Mega Man finds that the whole castle has images of Proto Man everywhere. Either Proto Man’s gone insane or he’s become very conceited. Either way, Mega Man has to stop him. When Mega Man reaches Proto Man, he has a hard time fighting him due to the fact that they are allies. Mega Man takes a good amount of damage before the real Proto Man arrives on the scene! Proto Man clears up the confusion and reveals the imposter for what he really is: a robot called Dark Man. After Mega Man learns this information, he has no problem defeating Dark Man and saving the day…but Dr. Light isn’t there!

Soon after, Dr. Wily shows up to taunt Mega Man; saying that he has Light held captive at his castle and challenges Mega Man to come rescue him. Mega Man makes the choice to go save Dr. Light, defeats Wily, and saves the day another time.

[edit] Mega Man 6

This game started off as a simple peacekeeping mission. Mega Man’s task was to insure nothing went wrong at the 1st annual Robot Tournament. This was a competition to see who had created the strongest robot. The man hosting this had the name Mr. X who was believed to be a billionair.

The contest went smoothly, for the most part. When the final event was under way, we find that the robots competing have been reprogrammed for one purpose: To aid take over the world! We later find that Mr. X was behind this whole mess. It sounds suspicious. Mega Man’s simple peacekeeping mission soon turns into the same pattern as before. He must destroy these 8 malfunctioning robots, and find his way up to the top of Mr. X’s castle. After Mega Man reaches the top, he finds, to no surprise, that Mr. X was a disguised Doc Wily, and he had the whole plot rigged from the beginning. Sure enough, Rock makes him pay, but this time was smart enough to imprison the evil mastermind.

[edit] Mega Man 7

Six months after the events in Mega Man 6, Dr. Wily activated a group of 4 robots he had hidden away in case his plan backfired. These robots were awoken, Wily was rescued from his prison cell, and Mega Man hears the call for help.

Upon arrival, Mega Man is greeted by a mysterious robot named Bass with his robot dog companion, Treble (Again with the music references.) Mega Man and Bass fight for no adequately explored reason until Bass reveals he’s on a mission to take down Wily. Apparently this squabble was really a test. Bass leaves while telling Mega Man, “You probably don’t need my help.” He seems suspicious.

Mega Man then gets to his main task. He has to destroy these 4 robots that are terrorizing the city before he can confront Wily. After Mega Man defeats the robots, he finds even more trouble. Wily is attacking the robot museum. As Mega Man arrives, we find Wily escaping with a robot that looks similar to Guts Man. Wily gets away while leaving a giant, clown-like robot to deal with Rock. Seems like Mega Man can’t ever get a rest

Before Mega Man gets back to the lab, he finds Bass critically injured, and takes him home to the lab for repairs. To his surprise, Mega Man finds the lab destroyed soon after and discovers that Bass was behind the destruction. He also finds that Bass has stolen the blueprints for the Super Rush Adapter which was an add-on intended for Mega Man and Rush. An even bigger surprise is revealed when Doc Wily appears on screen to tell Mega Man and Dr. Light that Bass was his creation, and the past events were a plot planned out by Wily for a while.

Now Mega Man’s goal is to find Bass and defeat him before pursuing Wily. Mega Man finds that the fight with Bass is a difficult one considering Bass and Treble are using the Rush adapter. Mega Man later defeats Wily, once again, and this time threatens to kill him, holding Wily at Mega Buster-point! However, Mega Man hesitates as Wily says “You cannot harm humans. You are more than just a robot.” At that, Bass arrives to save the doctor as the castle sets on fire. Mega Man now knows Bass is not one to be trusted.

[edit] Mega Man 8

As Mega Man was battling Bass in the city, he gets a call to look into an uncharted Island. He quickly arrives on the scene, and has to defeat a crab-like robot, and soon after meets Dr. Wily who reveals this was his base while leaving with an orb glowing with energy. Dumbfounded, Mega Man finds an injured robot, and returns to Dr. Light’s lab with the robot. Sounds a lot like the situation with Bass. The Blue Bomber ought to be careful. Dr. Light later informs Mega Man that Wily’s got 4 robots causing destruction on the city, and sends Mega Man to take care of it.

After defeating the robots, Mega Man returns to the lab with capsules of energy that he found. As Doctor Light studied the energy capsules, the injured Robot breaks free and heads to the desert. Mega Man shortly goes after him, fights him, and the robot flees. Proto Man arrives immediately after, and informs Rock that Wily’s castle is just ahead. Mega Man has a lot on his plate, but he had to go on.

Before Mega Man can make it to Wily’s palace, he’s captured from a new, massive robot. As the worst looks inevitable, the injured robot from earlier comes to his rescue and saves Mega Man. He later identifies himself as Duo, the destroyer of evil energy like the kind Mega Man found earlier. He also informs Mega Man that he must defeat 4 more robot masters before he’s able to penetrate Wily’s fortress. Duo and Rock split up. Duo goes to destroy the rest of the evil energy, and Mega Man goes to destroy the other 4 robots.

The Blue Bomber takes the robots with ease, and infiltrates Wily’s tower to find Bass infused with the power of the evil energy. Bass was tougher, but Mega Man prevailed and proceeded on to Wily. As Mega Man got to the Doctor’s quarters, he was again captured by a force field of energy. Again, Duo comes to the rescue with Proto Man at his side, and they save Mega Man leaving the path to Wily clear. Duo is injured at this point, and Mega Man tells Proto Man to take care of Duo while Rock goes to take care of Wily. After Mega Man defeats Wily, he is infused with the evil energy, and quickly loses energy. Once again, Duo comes to the rescue and absorbs the evil energy from Mega Man after leaving the collapsing castle. As Mega Man awakens, Duo is gone and Proto Man is sitting in a tree behind him. Proto Man tells Rock that Duo had a message. He said “Thank You.”

[edit] Mega Man 9

20XX when the world was at peace, 8 new robot masters started an attack on the city, and Wily quickly made a broadcast claiming these robots were created by Dr. Light, and he is to blame for the attacks on the city. This is obviously incorrect, and Mega Man has to find a way to clear Light’s name. Mega Man had to act fast thought because the police arrived to arrest Dr. Light soon after.

Mega Man went to defeat the 8 robots, and learned a terrible secret. All of these robots were to be destroyed because their expiration dates had expired! It turns out, Wily had persuaded these robots to revolt instead of being destroyed.

Mega Man soon reached Wily’s tower. His mission was to confront Wily, clear Dr. Light’s name, and return peace to the world. Mega Man achieved just that, but as he had Rush replay the clips of Wily begging for forgiveness from the previous games, Wily told Mega Man that Dr. Light was in the next room behind bars. Mega Man acted quickly. It was a choice between saving Dr. Light and killing Dr. Wily. Before Mega Man could act, Proto Man arrived to inform Rock that it was a trap, and he was making the wrong choice by saving Light. Mega Man disregarded Proto Man’s advice, and was electrocuted by the bars. Wily escaped and Proto Man had to save Mega Man from the corrupting tower.

[edit] Mega Man 10

A new epidemic, Roboenza seems to have spread everywhere around the city. Almost every robot has it including Roll. She falls ill after returning from a day of shopping. Mega Man quickly assumes Wily is behind it all, but to his surprise, Wily claims he has the cure! After defeating another set of 8 defunct robot masters, Mega Man quickly finds out that Wily has been behind the Roboenza all along which wasn’t much of a surprise. After learning all this information necessary to finish Wily, Mega Man comes down with the disease himself, but Roll, who was given the antidote at an earlier time, gives to to Mega Man so he can go on, and save the rest of the robots in the city.

Mega Man soon after, scales Wily’s tower, and teaches him a lesson about causing havoc. All seemed in Mega Man’s favor until Wily quickly came down with Roboenza himself! His last words before Mega Man rushed him to the hospital were “but I’m human!” Is Dr. Wily really a robot or is this just a robot created by Wily? Regardless, Mega Man admits Wily to the hospital before it’s too late. Soon after, the game fades to a cut scene, and we find that Wily has escaped from the hospital, leaving behind a room-full of the cure for Roboenza. We left to speculation, but Wily may be a good guy after all.

Mega Man.exe

[edit] Battle Network Series

MegaMan is the Navi that you can control in the games. He is operated by Lan Hikari, a sixth grader living in ACDC Town. MegaMan is actually Lan's twin Hub, but died at birth. Lan's father kept MegaMan's DNA, and the invented the PET for MegaMan. This started all of the Navis, and battling between them (fun, competitive, or life/death). MegaMan has had to save the world many times (with Lan), and has been tempted by the Dark Chips in Battle Network 4, 5, and 6.

MegaMan has a dark side, that Nebula has tried to unleash numerous times, and has been successful. MegaMan can withstand it though, and always comes to. He beats numerous enemies, friends, and others in the games, including victories over World 3 boss Dr Wily.

He is known as Rockman in Japan.

[edit] Other Appearances

Mega Man will appear in Super Smash Bros. 4 for the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. He will use a number of weapons from many Robot Masters that he faced throughout the Mega Man Classic series.

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