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Mega Man & Bass
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Mega Man & Bass, known as Rockman & Forte in Japan, is a Game Boy Advance entry into the Classic Mega Man series. For the first time in the history of the series, you get to control either Mega Man or Bass in an attempt to stop a mysterious robot known as the King. Both play differently from the other, so play as both to get the real feel of the storyline and the gameplay!

Upgrades are available for both Mega Man and Bass to purchase, and also to be found are 100 CD's that contain data on Robot Masters that had appeared in the series as of the time of the game's release.

Unlike many other entries in the series, the Password entry system doesn't exist, as progress is saved to one of three files. Also, only three stages are available at first, which must be completed in order to unlock one or two of the next five.

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