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NameDr. Wily
Race: Human
First Appeared In:Mega Man
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Dr. Albert Wily is the main antagonist for the Classic Mega Man series and Mega Man Battle Network series, and is the rival of Dr. Thomas Light and Mega Man. In the Classic series, Dr. Wily is a mad scientist who tries to take over the world on several different occasions. Each time, however, he is thwarted by Mega Man. In the Battle Network series, he is a robotics scientist whose work was over shadowed by Dr. Tadashi Hikari's (Battle Network's version of Dr. Light) network idea.

[edit] Classic series

Dr. Wily is the main antagonist in the Classic series, who has tried AT LEAST 16 times to take over the world through a series of robots he has created called Robot Masters. Each time, however, he has been thwarted by Mega Man, a robot that Dr. Light converted from a house keeping robot to a combat robot to fight Dr. Wily's Robot Masters. He is the creator of Bass, Dr. Wily's counter for Mega Man that he created accidentally with the substance Bassnium. However, Bass, just like his other robots, is continually defeated by Mega Man. He is also the creator of King, the main antagonist of Mega Man & Bass.

In Mega Man GB 2, he has revealed to have used a time traveling device to travel to the time when he has retired and Mega Man has been reverted back into a house keeping robot. He convinces the future Dr. Wily to help him kidnap Mega, and reprogram him into a Wily bot. The product of this is Quint. Because the future Mega was kidnap and defeated in the past, it is possible that Dr. Wily actually defeats Mega Man in the end.

In Bass's ending in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Dr. Wily tells Bass flat out that Bass was an accident, and that he has plans for a more advance robot, and that robot will easily overpower Bass. A silhouette of Zero is then shown, hinting that Dr. Wily is the creator of Zero.

[edit] X series

Multiple robots that resemble Dr. Wily appear in the series, each one having a suspicious amount of knowledge about Zero and are strangely obsessed with him.

Dr. Wily has also been seen haunting Zero in his dreams, telling him that "he is my nemesis" and to "destroy him". He is most likely talking about Mega Man or Dr. Light.

[edit] Battle Network series

In the BN series, Dr. Wily was a robotics scientist whose work was overshadowed by a colleague of his: Dr. Tadashi Hikari, creator of the NetNavis. Dr. Wily's jealously led him to hate the net and all of Dr. Hikari's work. He established the criminal syndicate World Three (WWW) and set out to destroy the net. He is the father of Nebula's leader, Dr. Regal, and adoptive father of Baryl. He also created Baryl's Navi, Colonel, and the Navi Iris.

In Mega Man Battle Network, Dr. Wily seeks out the four super programs to construct the Life Virus (Dream Virus in Japan). He sends out his four operators: Mr. Match, Hisby, Count Zap, and Maddy to collect these four programs. Despite all the programs being collected, all of these Operators were defeated by Lan Hikari and Mega Man EXE. Wily begins to prepare Life Virus, however, and Lan and Mega Man rush to confront of him. They are then confronted by the WWW's last agent: Yahoot. Yahoot is defeated, and the two Lan and Mega Man confront Wily. They were too late, however, and the Life Virus is reconstructed. However, the two successfully defeat the Life Virus, and the WWW's HQ begins to collapse. Dr. Wily stays laughing in the HQ laughing as it falls to pieces, with his last words in the game: "WWW...forever!!!". His fate is unknown until the third game.

Dr. Wily is revealed to be the one behind the Net Mafia Gospel in Mega Man Battle Network 2, taking advantage of and manipulating the vulnerable Sean Obihiro.

In Mega Man Battle Network 3, Wily reestablishes the WWW and seeks the Tetra Codes, four programs that will awaken the Cyber Geddon - Alpha. this time, however, he has more Operators on his side, as well as the mysterious NetNavi - Bass EXE - and the attacks are more severe. In the end, Wily gets all four Tetra Codes and unleashes Alpha. However, Alpha is defeated again, and Wily's fate is once again left into question.

Dr. Wily is not present in Mega Man Battle Network 4, and is replaced by Dr. Regal.

In Mega Man Battle Network 5: Team Colonel, Dr. Wily appears in a version exclusive cut scene at the end, telling his son, Dr. Regal, that he was not a good father to him, and apologizing while using the SoulNet to erase the past 10 years of his life, allowing Dr. Regal to live a healthy, straight, live.

Dr. Wily makes his final stand in the last game of the series, Mega Man Battle Network 6, attempting to awaken the Cybeasts Grega and[Falzar and take over the world with them. In order to do so, he sets up the Expo, and there, he made two giant CopyBots to bring the Cybeasts into the real world. Baryl, having been raised by Wily, owed a great debt to him, and became a WWW agent. Later, it is revealed that Colonel, Baryl's Navi, was split in two after Baryl's father, Wily's only true friend, died during war. Wily, having "thrown his own kindness away", took out Colonel's "Kindness" program along with his ability to control electronic devices, making him the ultimate combat Navi. The product of Colonel's two extracted programs was Iris. In order to stop them from ever becoming one again, Wily puts a forbidden program in them, so that if they were ever to fuse, they would self-destruct.

Though Wily successfully brings both Cybeasts into the real world along with hundreds of Navis from a Cybeast cult who came to his side, he did not count on one thing: Baryl's betrayal. Baryl, having his eyes opened on what side he should be fighting for by Lan, confronts Wily while he was executing his plan. While Mega Man takes on the player's chosen version Cybeast, Colonel and Iris fight the other. They are victorious, however, the Cybeast Mega Man battles goes back inside him, and Wily attempts to make Mega Man in his Beast Out form HIS Navi, and take over the world that way. Colonel and Iris, seeing no other way to defeat the Cybeast and save Mega Man, fuse, becoming one full Navi again. Wily protests, asking why they would do such a thing for Mega Man. They reply that they want Mega Man and Lan to have a great future, and that nothing good ever came from violence. They rip the Cybeast out of Mega Man who is Jacked Out by Lan, and destroy the Cybeast through the forbidden program's self-destruct.

Wily, now realizing just how much pain he has brought to the world, stands in shock as the Expo starts blow up from Colonel and Iris's explosion. Lan tells him to come with him, but Wily asks Lan if he would have him live in shame the rest of his life. Lan says yes, and that he has to pay for what he has done, and maybe his dad could let him become a scientist again. Wily replies with "you've given me a chance to see my dream one last time...". However, the Expo starts to shake violently, on the verge of exploding, tells Lan to just run. Baryl, having just woken up from unconsciousness, throws Lan towards the exit, and tells him he has a home and family to return to. Lan does so, and Expo explodes, leaving Baryl and Wily's fate unknown until the credits.

Wily had survived the explosion, but Baryl had disappeared. Dr. Wily, having truly changed, begins a straight life, and creates two new programs, "Colonel" and "Iris". "Colonel" is a program that finds and deletes viruses, while "Iris" heals any place the net was damaged.

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