Zero 4 Head Chips


[edit] A-Charge

Recipe: V.Missle, SandDozer, Raiken, Raiken Automatically charges both weapons for Zero.

[edit] A-Filling

Recipe: Bonsect, Molegule, Glacial, Mechameson Slowly recover Z-Knuckle Weapon Ammunition.

[edit] A-Recover1

Recipe: Poplan, V.Fencer Slowly heal while standing still.

[edit] A-Recover2

Recipe: Poplan, V.Fencer, Arc Cannon Heal while standing still.

[edit] A-Recover3

Recipe: Poplan, V.Fencer, Arc Cannon, P. Corpse Heal rapidly while standing still.

[edit] JunkHead

Recipe: Junk, SerpentGear, GlassCannon When combined with the other Junk Chips, if Elf Level is set to 0, Zero's offensive power will be doubled while his defensive is halved.

[edit] Q-Charge1

Recipe: BeamWalker, RBCannon Slightly increases weapon charging speed.

[edit] Q-Charge2

Recipe: BeamWalker, RBCannon, NicosCrabB Moderately increases weapon charging speed.

[edit] Q-Charge3

Recipe: BeamWalker, RBCannon, NicosCrabB, SerpentGear Greatly increases weapon charging speed.

[edit] WeaponPlus

Recipe: Bonsect, Bongal, V.Fire, Triaformer Sets the default capacity of weapons gained from the Z-Knuckled up by one.

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