Zero 4 Foot Chips


[edit] DoubleJump

Recipe: Faital, GangaGun, GyroCannonH, C-Hopper Zero can jump a second time after his first before landing on the ground. This applies even when Zero is dash jumping.

[edit] Frog

Recipe:MagnePaN, MagnePaS, Kerosh Zero's speed when sliding down walls is decreased.

[edit] JunkFoot

Recipe: Junk, Bombadeer, BeamWalker, Moloid When combined with the other Junk Chips and when Elf Level is set to 0, Zero gains double attack power but half defense power.

[edit] Quick

Recipe: Kerberos x3 Increases Zero's running speed.

[edit] SpikeTypeI

Recipe: NeedBalloon, Crossbyne, CryoNeon Zero no longer slips about when walking on icy surfaces.

[edit] SpikeTypeW

Recipe: V.Claw, Poplan, GlassCannon Zero is no longer pushed and pulled by wind and magnetism.

[edit] SlashJump

Recipe: CryoNeon, Yadokroid, MeduHopper Zero can jump off the surface of water if timed properly allowing to travel on top of any surface of water for any period of time.

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