Zero 3 Foot Chips


[edit] Double Jump

Acquired From : Defeating Cubit Foxtar

A chip that allows Zero to jump twice through air including dash jumps.

[edit] Frog Foot

Acquired From : Secret Disk 004

Decreases the speed Zero slides down walls.

[edit] Quick Movement

Acquired From : Defeat Copy-X MKII

A chip that enhances Zero's running speed and dashing distance.

[edit] Shadow Dash

Acquired From : Defeating Volteel Biblio

A chip that allows Zero to dash through enemies and attacks while he is on the ground without taking any damage.

[edit] Spike Foot

Acquired From : Defeating Glacier Le Cactank

Prevents Zero from slipping on icy surfaces.

[edit] Splash Jump

Acquired From : Secret Disk 005

A chip that allows Zero to jump on the surface of water if timed right.

[edit] Ultimate Foot

Acquired From : Defeating Phantom

A chip that features the abilities of all foot chips. The combination of all chips enhances their overall effectiveness to produce ultimate mobility.

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