Zero 3 Body Chips


[edit] Absorber Chip

Acquired From : Defeating Tretesta Kelberian

Body Color : Gray

A chip that prevents Zero from being knocked left and right by attacks.

[edit] Fire Chip

Acquired From : Defeating Blazin' Flizard

Body Color : Orange

A chip that adds fire to Zero's charged shot and certain EX Skills attacks.

[edit] Ice Chip

Acquired From : Defeating Childre Inarabitta

Body Color : Blue

A chip that adds Ice damage to Zero's charged shots and certain EX Skills.

[edit] Light Chip

Acquired From : Defeating Deathtanz Mantisk

Body Color : Green

A chip that prevents Zero from sinking in quicksand or junk and prevents ground from collapsing beneath him.

[edit] Thunder Chip

Acquired From : Defeating Hellbat Schilt

Body Color : Yellow

A chip that adds Thunder damage to Zero's charged shots and certain EX Skills.

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