Yuichiro Hikari

Prof Hikari.jpgProfessor Hikari
First Appearence:Megaman Battle Network

Professor Hikari is a very well trained and very well known NetNavi engineer in DenTown. He created MegaMan EXE for his son, Lan Hikari. What makes his job so unique is because he comes from a long family that was heavily involved in the creation of NetNavis. However, his job is what keeps him from his family. Despite this, he always tries to keep in close contact with his family, mainly Lan, who takes Megaman into virus busting, and tries to help both Lan and Megaman in everyway he can. Dr. Hikari supports his son in anyway possible but would rather him not do anything dangerous. However, he knows that there are certain things Lan has to do despite the danger.

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