World Three

World Three (abbreviated as WWW) is a criminal organization created by Dr. Wily in the Mega Man Battle Network series, as well as the Mega Man NT Warrior anime and manga series.


[edit] Members

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network

  • Dr. Wily - WWW's leader.
  • Mr. Match - FireMan's operator. He uses the disguise of a repairman to rig ACDC Town residents' ovens to burst into flames.
  • Higsby - NumberMan's operator. He works as an assistant teacher at ACDC Elementary and initiates the WWW Re-Education program by locking all of the doors and attempting to brainwash students and teachers into supporting WWW.
  • StoneMan - A solo NetNavi that blocks the Metroline control system on the Net.
  • Dr. Froid - IceMan's operator. When his son is kidnapped by WWW, he is forced into doing what they tell him to do. He freezes the water pump and filtration systems at the WaterWorks, resulting in all of the water in Den City drying up.
  • Ms. Madd - ColorMan's operator. She rigs the traffic lights in DenTown to turn green and stay green, resulting in accidents. She additionally rigs a bus with Mayl on it to explode.
  • Count Zap - ElecMan's operator. He hacks into the power plant at the Government Complex and turns off the air filtration system.
  • BombMan - A solo NetNavi that attempts to prevent MegaMan from entering the WWW server.
  • Yahoot - MagicMan's operator and Dr. Wily's right-hand man.

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network 2

The WWW is not hinted at in this game until after Gospel is defeated.

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network 3

  • Dr. Wily - WWW's leader.
  • Rei Saiko - FlashMan's operator. He breaks into ACDC Elementary at night and hypnotizes Lan's friends.
  • Takeo Inukai - BeastMan's operator. He reprograms all of the animals in the zoo to escape their cages and go crazy.
  • BubbleMan - A solo NetNavi. He is behind the BubbleWash machine incident, where the BubbleWash machines trap people in bubbles and explode after a set period of time, killing the person inside of them.
  • Noboru Sunayama - DesertMan's operator. He ran the N1 Grand Prix in order to eventually kidnap Chaud's father, fight Chaud, and delete ProtoMan.
  • Anetta - PlantMan's operator. She hacks into the Tree of Life's computer where she causes the tree to grow at an alarming rate, resulting in the Hospital's technology giving out.
  • Mr. Match - FlameMan's operator. He causes a massive fire at the SciLab and creates large fires throughout the net.
  • DrillMan.EXE - A solo NetNavi. He steals Alpha from the SciLab 1.
  • Bass - He was tricked by Dr. Wily into joining them.

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network 6

[edit] Mega Man Network Transmission

[edit] In The Anime

  • Dr. Wily - WWW's leader.
  • Mr. Match - TorchMan and HeatMan's operator.
  • Count Zap - ElecMan's operator.
  • Maddy - WackoMan's operator.
  • Yahoot - MagicMan's operator.
  • StoneMan - A solo NetNavi.
  • BlasterMan - A solo NetNavi.

[edit] Neo WWW (Anime-exclusive)

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