Web Spider

Web Spider
First Appearence:Megaman X4
WeaknessesTwin Slasher / Ryuenjin

Japanese Name: Web Spidus

"He protects the secret weapon of the Jungle"

Weakness: Twin Slasher
Obtain: Lightning Web/Raijingeki

Web Spider is generally the first Maverick boss that players choose to defeat. That being said, he's certainly no walk in the park like some of the early bosses from past games. His attack pattern is completely predictable until he gets to around 50% health, but getting hit by only one of his attacks will do significant damage, especially early in the game (If hit, turn left and right rapidly to minimize damage). His weakness is Twin Slasher (obtained by defeating Slash Beast). Unfortunately, Zero's attack Shippuga cannot damage him because it only attacks enemies on the ground. When you see him setting up for his attack, dash away and jump off a wall around it. (It's homing but easily avoided).
Once he reaches about 40-50% health, he will emerge from the center of the screen and crate a giant "web" that becomes his form of travel until you defeat him. As his health his depleted, his speed will increase and his attacks will become more difficult to avoid. Not only this, but he will also emit 5 baby spiders from his back that become a nuisance as well, although they simply walk in your direction and up the wall until they exit the screen and can be easily defeated. In all honesty the best strategy is to use speed and jump around off the walls, attacking at any opportunity you can get. After defeating him, you will warp out and obtain Lightning Web/Raijingenki.

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