Twisted Sunlight

1 FstGauge * [regular]
4 Tornado D
4 Attck+10 *
1 Attck+30 *
4 Areagrab *
3 GunDelSol3 D
1 Django D
1 Django SP D
2 Invisibl *
1 LifeAura D
1 DeathPhoenix D
2 OceanSeed *
1 DarkTornado T
2 GunDelSol1 *
2 Thunder *

Strategy: This folder is more or less a combination of the recurring, but generally failing, Django folder, and my previous Night of the Twisters folder, hence the name Twisted Sunlight. The main damage comes from Tornados, with support coming from Django, Django SP, and the GunDelSol chips. Pile Driver should NOT be used, even though all the components are present, as it will hurt the support for the folder. This folder wasn't meant to capitalize on the maximum damage from a Tornado chip, as it wasn't built for GyroSoul. However, the highest possible damage you can get from one Tornado chip in this folder is 1120, and that's with Chaos Number. Without Chaos Number, the highest possible is 640, which is still going to put a dent in an opponent's HP.

Built by protomanexe07

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