First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network 2
Affiliation:NetNavi, Team Colonel (BN5)

Toadman.EXE is the NetNavi of Ribitta. Toadman first appears as an optional boss in Mega Man Battle Network 2. Toadman later on joins forces with Team Colonel to liberate the Cybernet from Nebula.

[edit] Overview

[edit] Toad Soul

Toad Soul
  • Aqua element, weak to Electric.
  • Non-dimming Aqua-element chips +30 Attack.
  • Charge up an aqua chip for double Damage.
  • Hides over Aqua panels, making attacks on Megaman miss.
  • Charge shot: Shocking Melody: Sends a paralyzing music note for 20 Damage +10 Damage per Attack Buster level.
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