[edit] Game Summary

X3 is much harder than X1 or 2 initially, but it offers a lot of interesting new features.

To start, this is first game in which players can control X’s ally and friend Zero. Though he does not rely on his sword as much as he does in subsequent titles, he is initially more powerful than X. Zero can charge up to 5 level which includes a double buster shot with a Z-Saber slash. Zero’s saber is the most powerful weapon in the game, but Zero can unfortunately not fight bosses or sub-bosses with the exception of the first sub-boss.

X3 also offers multiple endings and upgrade possibilities for X. It also includes new chip pods. These chips can upgrade body parts X has already obtained though X can only obtain one chip total. One chip for example, allows X to have a second mid-air dash.

X can also collect ride armor data and summon various types of ride armor on a specific pad. The Ride Armor ranges from a normal ride armed with fists to a hovering missile launching ride.

Bosses can also engage in power moves. These moves render them temporarily invincible and are usually powerful, difficult to dodge, or protect them.

[edit] Plot Summary

After the return of Zero, a brilliant reploid scientist known as Dr. Doppler creates an antidote for the Sigma Virus. With this accomplished he was able to create his own village, a haven for all. However, Doppler went mad and turned all his reploids maverick. X and Zero must combine their power and take back the village from Doppler’s mad control…

[edit] Plot Summary

Many years into the future, in an age of robots and top notch technology, scientist Dr. Cain has been reading up on one of the well-known scientists of old, Dr. Thomas Light.

During the excavation of an old, abandoned laboratory, Dr. Cain stumbles upon a secret capsule with a detailed journal. The journal describes what is inside the capsule- Dr. Light’s greatest invention, a robot named “X”. The journal states that the capsule can only be opened after 30 years to ensure the robot’s reliability and safety. Since 30 years have passed, Dr. Cain decides to open the capsule. Upon opening the device, a delighted Dr. Cain finds something that can think, feel, and move on its own. It’s more like a human than a robot.

Following Dr. Light’s blueprints, Dr. Cain tries to produce his own “X,” and inadvertently stumbles blindly into the age of the Reploids. After many of these “Reploids” had been created, an undetected virus began attacking them, causing them to enter a state of confusion. These insane Reploids intent on bringing harm to humans came to be known as Mavericks.

Dr. Cain’s best robot, Sigma, was designated as the leader of an elite group called the Maverick Hunters. The organization did a good job of keeping the Mavericks in check, and all was well for a while... until Sigma got infected by the virus he had been sent out to destroy. The once powerful Maverick Hunter was now equally powerful, but fighting for the wrong side. Sigma soon took control and united all of the Mavericks to achieve one common goal. This goal: destroy the entire human race!

Who could reckon with a force this powerful? Only the one who had indirectly started this age of madness in the first place, Mega Man X. Teaming up with the newest leader of the Maverick Hunters, a powerful Reploid named Zero, X sets out to put a stop to Sigma and his army and end this reign of chaos…

[edit] Game Summary

The first game of the Mega Man X series can be considered far more complex than the Classic series even though it’s the first. Initially, X starts basically like Mega Man. He has a buster he can charge, he can run, and he can jump. As X progresses through the game, he gains the ability to jump and charge to four levels (which also includes the power to charge other weapons). He also can expand his health and gain other interesting items throughout the game. For the first game, X1 is not a bad start and is considered a classic among gamers. Though subsequent sequels offer a lot of more upgrades and abilities, X1 is not a bad start at all.

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