Storm Owl

Storm Owl
First Appearence:Megaman X4

Japanese Name: Storm Fukuroul

"He left with a space fortress to conquer the air"

Weakness: Aiming Laser/Rakuhouha
Obtain: Double Cyclone/Tenkuuha

Storm Owl is only difficult if you haven't obtained Cyber Peacock's weapon yet. He has a somewhat erratic attack pattern and his attacks can appear to be hard to evade, but you need to use the environment to your advantage. To begin, always dash when he's flying above you in the direction opposite to his. If you don't move quickly enough, he'll grasp you and slam you down. Second, his tri-directional "beam" attack seems hard to avoid, but it's quite simple if you just hold on to the ledge of the platform on the side opposite that he is attacking from. All his other attacks should cause no trouble, so just get in your shots with Aiming Laser, or (if you're playing as Zero) use your normal attacks. Storm Owl is weak against Rakuhouha but you can only get in 4 attacks with it (8 with a full W-Tank), so it's wise to use it sparingly. After defeating Storm Owl you obtain Double Cyclone (for X) or Tenkuuha (Zero).

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