Storm Eagle

Storm Eagle
Storm eagle.jpg
First Appearance:Megaman X
Weapons:Storm Tornado
Weakness:Chameleon Sting / Spin Wheel

Storm Eagle first appeared in Megaman X and he appeared in Megaman Xtreme.

[edit] Strategy

The easiest Maverick to defeat attack wise, Storm Eagle is typically number two on the list as you simply cannot beat him without the Foot Upgrade from Chill Penguin's stage. The battle ground for this level is wide and has no walls so staying in the middle is advisable. Storm Eagle will start by creating a gust with his wings. This is why you need the boots as you need to dash so that you aren't pushed over the edge. He'll eventually use Storm Tornado which simply pushes you faster if you touch it so try to long jump as much of it as possible. His main attack is Eagle Diving. He'll fly off stage and you won't see him for a while. Get ready to dash as he'll dive down toward X. If you're fast enough, you can land a shot on him but don't worry about it if you can't. His last attack is spitting an egg that produces four Eaglets, each can be destroyed with the X Buster. He also lingers for a moment so get some damage in. Chameleon Sting is his weakness but the X Buster can handle him easily.

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