Sting Chameleon

Sting Chameleon
First Appearance:Megaman X

Japanese Name: Sting Chameleao

Sting Chameleon is a reptilian reploid that can turn himself invisible. His stealth tactics and ability to use his arena as a weapon make him a powerful foe that ranks among the most powerful of the X1 Mavericks.

Weakness: Boomerang Cutter
Obtain: Chameleon Sting

[edit] Attacks

  • Chameleon Sting - flings his tail and launches three blasts at X.
  • Iron Tongue - attempts to hit X with his tongue. This attack is hard to avoid since he often does so after a period of invisibility.
  • Iron Tongue Shake - attaches himself to the ceiling with his tongue and swings back and forth to drop spikes to hit X.

[edit] Strategy

This Maverick is tough, it is highly recommended that you only fight him with the Boomerang Cutters. For starters, Sting Chameleon can move around while invisible making hitting extremely difficult. He can also use this to sneak up on X and quickly lash him with his tongue and disappear. He'll also head to the top of the arena and latch onto it with his tongue and shake the roof causing spikes to hail down (non-lethal). He can be knocked down from this with a well placed Boomerang Cutter. When higher up, he will occasionally flick a Chameleon Sting at X with his tail, since these come in bursts of 3 they are not completely easy to avoid.

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