Spark Mandrill

Spark Mandrill
First Appearance:Megaman X
Weapons:Electric Spark
WeaknessShotgon Ice

Spark Mandrill also known in Japan as Spark Mandriller (スパーク・マンドリラー, Spark Mandriller?), is a mandrill-type Maverick from Mega Man X. He is one of the easiest boss.

[edit] Strategy

Spark Mandrill isn't difficult if you know how he functions. He may look like he's slow but he compensates with high attack speed. Mandrill will start the fight by either jumping towards X or swinging from the wires at the top of the room. To make him drop simply run under him and he'll try to land on X though this is easy enough to avoid. However once grounded, he'll start unleashing attacks rapidly so get ready to bounce off the wall with dash jumps. He'll either punch the ground to send electric sparks around the wall which is easy enough to avoid or he'll Dash Punch into the wall with enough impact to knock X down the wall. You're best off bounding to the wall and bounding off as fast as possible despite not knowing what attack is coming.

Shotgun Ice renders a strategy useless. Just pummel him with shotgun which will also freeze him. Aiming is not needed to the bouncing off walls effect of the weapon.

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