Sonia Strumm

Fireman EXE
First Appearence:Megaman Starforce 1

[edit] Summary

A usual cheerful girl who has a passion for singing and a skill in music. Being alone in the world as her mother died of sickness, she was stuck having a music career with a manager who only wants the money she makes. Being sick of that, she runs and hides while singing of her pain. She eventually meets Geo, who has the same pain as she does. She then meets Lyra, who takes advantage of her of her hate over her manager. Geo then comes as Megaman and settled her down, and became friends. She then became friends with the rest of the group: Bud, Zack, and Luna. She is very strong for a fighter, next to Megaman and much better than Roll, but she isn't able to do everything that Megaman could do.

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