First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network 2
Opearator:Mrs. Millions
Snake Bite
Snake Buster
Snake Arrow

Snakeman is a wood-type NetNavi who first appeared in Mega Man Battle Network 2. His operator is Ms. Millions and he has a weakness to Fire.

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network 2

In MMBN 2, Snakeman is battled when Lan is in Netopia. After all of his Battle Chips are stolen, he goes around only to find out the Ms. Millions bought them and that she was in a nearby Jewelry Store. When Lan approaches her, she says that she will give his chips back if he beats her in a NetBattle.

Upon beating her, she gives your chips back and becomes available for re-battles in order to get Navi Chips. When Snakeman's Navi Chip he used, he is summoned and he makes small snakes appear out of all holes on the enemy's area. These snakes attack the enemy, and afterwards Snakeman himself bits the enemy. Area Grab and Geddon chips are both very useful to use before this chip.

[edit] Moves

  • Hide - Snakeman hides in his jar and becomes resistant to all damage Megaman does to him.
  • Snake Bite - Snakeman pops out of his jar and bites Megaman.
  • Snake Buster - Snakeman shoots machine gun-like at where Megaman is standing.
  • Snake Arrow - Small Snakes come out of the three hols in his area.
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