[edit] Summary

Seen for the first time in Star Force 3, he is the hardest boss in the game, but barely near Bass in the Battle Network series. He used the Black Hole Server to suck in everything in his way, including Planet FM. He wants everything to be his plaything, until Megaman showed up and took him down. He is the one who revived Apollo Flame, who took orders from Sirius now instead, and the one who created the R or "Revived"/"Reconstructed" enemies.

[edit] Boss Data

[edit] SF3

Version 1: 3000HP
Version 2: 3500HP
Version 3: 4000HP
Version Sigma: 4500HP

Abilities: Has SuperArmor, StatusGuard, FloatShoes, and AirShoes.

[edit] Attacks

Hand Laser: 200/250/300/400 Damage
When you are in the same column as him when he stops moving for a second, he shoots a quick lazer down the column. Deals break damage, pierces invisible, and removes and type of panel in it's range, except cracked and hole panels. Turns those into normal panels.

Satellite Bolders: 200/250/300/400 Damage
Sends little satellites down the column you are on. First, the row in front of Sirius. Then when you are in the same column as one, ot will charge down, dealing break and sword damage for each one. Cannot be used if there is only two rows, one for Sirius and one for Megaman.

Elemental Satellite Lasers: 200/250/300/400 Damage
Summons four small satellites that each have an elemental property. Each one sends out a colored laser down in a straight line. It can be straight or diagonal. Can be broken by Break cards. Blue laser is Aqua, Green for Grass, Red for Fire, and Yellow for Elec. Cannot be used if there is only two rows, one for Megaman, and one for Sirius.

Satellite Cannon Blast: 200/250/300/400 Damage
Forms a Cannon that attacks the far columns once and the middle column twice. Cracks all panels but Grass, Ice, Null-G, and Poison. (Para is destroyed by attacks anyway.)

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