Shoryuken Uppercut

The Shoryuken Uppercut is a hidden, special move in the game. Similar to the Hadouken Fireball in Mega Man X1, the Shoryuken Uppercut must be obtained through a secret Dr. Light capsule.

Requirements ***

  • Eight Heart Tanks.
  • Four Sub Tanks.
  • All Armor upgrades.
  • All weapons and Mavericks defeated.
  • Full health (upon finding the capsule)
    Visit the X-Hunter #3 Stage (Agile's stage), and reach the area with two ladders. Use Crystal Hunter (Snail) to freeze a bat. Use the frozen bat as a platform to climb the high ladder. Proceed right along the given path. When you reach the area with spikes all over, start charging the Speed Burner (Stag). Next, air-dash over the spikes. As you are falling, use the charged Speed Burner to air-dash left. Collect the life-up item. At this point, make sure X's health is full. If it's not, use a Sub Tank to replenish his health. Now, slide along the left wall to enter a secret path. Spot the capsule, and talk to Dr. Light to obtain the Shoryuken Uppercut, another cameo ability from Street Fighter.
    A combination of "right, down, down-right, buster" will let X execute this move when at full health. X will peform a flaming, curved uppercut in the direction he's facing at insane speeds. This attack can two-hit KO every boss except the final one, although it does deal great damage. It's important to note that this ability can not be saved. You must "retrieve" it every time you reload the game.
        • All of Zero's Parts and 8 lives are not requirements. Sub Tanks do not have to be full.
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