Shield Sheldon

Shield Sheldon
First Appearence:Megaman X6
Weapons:Guard Shell
WeaknessesMetal Anchor / Rakukojin

Japanese Name: Shieldner Sheldon

Shield Sheldon protected Dr. Jim, an important scientist, in the laboratory. When Dr. Jim became a Maverick, Sheldon was accused of having involvements. His durable shield can reflect any attacks, making him an excellent (VIP) bodyguard.

Weakness: Metal Anchor/Rakukojin
Obtain: Guard Shell


  • Shell Throw - throws his two shells at you. One is thrown horizontally. The other is thrown diagonally.
  • Rampage - uses his shell to bounce all over the place.
  • Shell Illusion - creates a holographic clone. Each fires a shell that bounces all over the place.
  • Guard Shell - surrounds himself with Guard Shell (laser shell) and moves towards you.
  • Four Shell - creates four shells in four corners. Randomly charges at you from one shell.

    Strategy: Difficulty: 7/10
    Shield Sheldon can be hard at first. However, once you figure out his attack pattern and master it, the battle should progress smoothly. Shield Sheldon is weak against the Metal Anchor / Rakukojin.
    Like Rainy Turtloid, Shield Sheldon can only be damaged when his shell is gone. However, you can't destroy it. You'll be given opportunities during the battle to hit him directly. He'll begin the battle by throwing his two shells at you. Wait for the first shell (which moves horizontally) to come at you. At this point, dash jump to the nearest wall. Concurrently, he'll throw his second shell at you (which moves diagonally). Dash jump from the wall towards him. This tactic will allow you to avoid his double-shell attack, leaving him vulnerable. Take this opportunity to blast him with the Metal Anchor/Rakukojin. The two shells will eventually return to him, but this will be canceled if he is hit with the Metal Anchor/Rakukojin. After a while, he will hide in his shell and bounce around. This attack can be avoided if you stay in one place and dash (if necessary) to move away from him.
    When he takes over 50% damage, he will perform one of two attacks: Guard Shell or Four Shell attack. If he uses his Guard Shell attack, he'll move towards you to cause damage. With X, fire the Metal Anchor, which will hurt him, as well as destroy the Guard Shell. With Zero, use the Rakukojin, although you'll most likely take damage. Still, you are trading less damage in order to inflict more damage. Don't shoot at his Guard Shell with any other weapon, as it'll reflect the attack in the form of a small bullet. If he creates four shells and spreads them out into the four corners, he'll be hiding in one of them. Be prepared when he exits a shell to attack him. As your reward for defeating this formidable foe - who looks like a girl - you'll be given the one and only Guard Shell.
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