First Appeared InMegaMan Battle Network 4
Appears InMegaMan Battle Networks 4, 5 and 6

In the MegaMan Battle Network Series, ShadeMan is the character who introduces the DarkChips to you in MegaMan Battle Network 4. Initially, the only way to defeat him is to use a DarkChip against him due to the fact that every other attack you attempt is rendered useless. Beyond that battle, you may use any attack to damage him.

[edit] MegaMan Battle Network 4

ShadeMan appears for the first time in the ElTwr (Electric Tower?) Computer in ElecTown. This is where ShadeMan will introduce you to the DarkChips when he drops the "???Data" after a few turns into battle. The Second time you encounter him is inside the Dracula ToyRobo at Castillo. During the battle, you will again find all your attacks useless, until about 3 to 5 turns in, when a DrkSword chip appears in your chip pile. This will delete ShadeMan, however it will also begin to turn MegaMan to the dark side if the use of these chips persists.

That is the final moment in the regular story where you will encounter ShadeMan. After you defeat Duo, and you enter the 2nd restart, you may fight him again in SP version if you do the Taiyohh! subquest again.

[edit] Stats (BN4)

ShadeMan 1
Stat Value
Hitpoints 500
Red Wing 20 Damage
Noise Crush 20 Damage
ShadeMan SP
Stat Value
Hitpoints 1500
Red Wing 200 Damage
Noise Crush 200 Damage
Shade Hand 200 Damage

[edit] MegaMan Battle Network 5

Your first encounter with ShadeMan is in the 2nd Liberation mission, as a Darkloid. The battle is simple, 3 turns per Navi to defeat him. No restrictions beyond that.

ShadeMan (Mission 3)
Stat Value
Hitpoints 600
Noise Crush 40 Damage
Red Wing 40 Damage
Black Claw 80 Damage
Shade Drain 10 x 6 Damage

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