Sage Harpuia

Sage Harpuia
Sage pic.jpg
First AppearanceMegaman Zero
AffiliationNeo Arcadia/Copy X
WeaponsTwin swords
Element(s)Lightning and wind
Armed Phenomenon formPlane
Voice actorMegumi Ogata

Sage Harpuia is the leader of the Rekku Army of Neo Arcadia. He makes an appearance in Mega Man ZX as Biometal Model H.


[edit] Description

Harpuia is coloured green to symbolize his affinity to wind and lightning. His design is based off of Mega Man X's with some modifications, such as long ears that resemble wings, and wings on his back that allow him to fly. He battles with two sabers and is able to execute unique abilities with them. His name is based off of the Harpies of mythology. His companions are Fairy Leviathan, Fighting Fefnir and Hidden Phantom. He holds much loyalty to Copy X, second only to Phantom. When Copy X is defeated by Zero, he takes control of Neo Arcadia for the whole of Mega Man Zero 2 and the beginning of Mega Man Zero 3.

[edit] Elf Wars

It is assumed that Harpuia, alongside his siblings and X, fought for humanity, opposing Dr. Weil and Omega.

[edit] Mega Man Zero

Harpuia first appears during the Rescue Colbor mission in the desert. Harpuia appears as the boss of the area, about to face off against Colbor. Zero arrives just in time to do battle with Harpuia, ultimately claiming victory. Harpuia is shocked by these turn of events, and isn't seen until Zero infiltrates Neo Arcadia with the intent of terminating Copy X. Harpuia once again fights Zero, and loses again. He appears with his two remaining siblings (Phantom sacrificed himself in a futile attempt to bring Zero down with him) and tries to team up with them to defeat Zero, but Copy X orders them to flee. Grudgingly, Harpuia does, alongside his siblings.

[edit] Mega Man Zero 2

Harpuia appears as the leader of Neo Arcadia following Copy X's death. He appears early in the game, deciding whether to kill an unconscious, weakened Zero. Instead, he delivers him to the Resistance Base.

He is later seen when Operation Righteous Strike, Elpizo's siege, fails. He and his siblings are standing above a defeated Elpizo. They contemplate killing him, but Zero arrives. Zero escapes with Elpizo, and Harpuia states that saving Elpizo will cause more harm than good. He also states that as long as the Resistance opposes humanity, he will do all he can to destroy them. So he sent a bomb to the Resistance Base, which is ultimately intercepted by Zero, with help from Ciel.

Harpuia appears after Elpizo flees with the IFF Beacon, an item that allows Elpizo to infiltrate Neo Arcadia. Harpuia, too late to stop Elpizo, decides to battle Zero, simply for pleasure, stating it makes him feel alive. He suffers his third loss.

Harpuia's final appearance in the game is in the Temple of Lightning, where he is defeated by Elpizo and the Baby Elves. He ends up possessed by the Baby Elves, and is forced into his Armed Phenomenon form, which takes the shape of a white and green plane. Zero, however, does not wish to fight him, and even holds back to prevent himself from killing Harpuia, even though the latter wished it. Even powered up, he is no match for Zero. He begs Zero to stop Elpizo and save X's body. Zero agrees.

[edit] Mega Man Zero 3

Harpuia appears in the beginning of the game. He warns Zero not to approach the fallen spacecraft, and enters. After Fefnir and Leviathan are defeated, and Zero defeats Omega, Harpuia strikes Omega down as he recovers. Afterwards, Dr. Weil and a resurrected Copy X arrive. They leave, and Harpuia hands leadership over to Copy X MK II.

After Weil and Copy X conclude that the Dark Elf is hiding in a human settlement, Harpuia offers to capture it with Fefnir and Leviathan, despite repairs still being done on them. Copy X rejects this offer and allows Weil control over the situation. Weil sends a missile with Omega onboard to assimilate the Dark Elf. After Zero fails to destroy the missile in midair, Harpuia is furious with Weil and Omega for killing innocent humans. Harpuia attacks the Dark-Elf imbued Omega, and is quickly defeated. Zero rescues him, and they barely escape. Harpuia is then rendered unconscious, and is eventually repaired by Cerveau.

Harpuia, once conscious, decides to oppose Weil in his own way, despite him and the Resistance sharing goals. Harpuia is absent until the end of the game. After Zero defeats Omega (who now possesses Zero's true body), Fefnir, Leviathan and Harpuia arrive and deal Omega serious blows. The Dark Elf, now beginning to overcome her curse, is unable to heal Omega. The three guardians standby and watch as Zero approaches a severely weakened Omega and deals him a fatal blow. The resulting explosion wounds Zero and kills the three guardians.

[edit] Mega Man Zero 4

Harpuia is not mentioned in the game at all (Phantom is, however), but artwork depicts him watching the pieces of Ragnarok falling to the sky, alongside X and his siblings, including Phantom. However, as Harpuia was killed in Omega's explosion, this artwork is non-canon.

[edit] Mega Man ZX

Harpuia appears as Model H, one of the seven controllable Biometals received throughout the game. By merging with Model X, Model H becomes Model HX. After defeating Hivolt, Vent/Aile is able to play as Model HX, with his mobility being the best of all the models, and it makes him the fastest. These mobility upgrades include air-dashing and gliding. Model HX is able to use Harpuia's signature three-slash combo, ending with his shock-wave (although the first two do not send shock-waves and the distance of the third is greatly reduced). Model HX is also able to summon orbs of electricity that home in on targets. After defeating Hurricaune, Model HX is upgraded and is able to summon a hurricane in front of him. When the Overdrive Invoke System is activated, Model HX's attacks become thunder element. This makes him useful against fire-type enemies. His Touch Screen ability allows him to pin-point the weaknesses of enemies. This displays health and, in the case of most bosses, where their Biometal is located.

[edit] Mega Man ZX Advent

Model H ends up under the control of the new Model H Mega Man, Aeolus. Aeolus' Model H design is radically different than that of Model HX. The long ears are much shorter, his wings are shorter as well, and his armor is thinner than that of Model HX. All of this allows Aeolus superior mobility. Aeolus is only similar to Harpuia because of both of their dedication to perfectionism. However, Aeolus lacks Harpuia's compassion and honor.

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