RockMan & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha

RockMan & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha is a game for the Wonderswan game system released only in Japan. It was made by Bandai, and licensed by Capcom. It is considered non-canon among fans.


[edit] Story

The year 20XX...

Symphony City is under attack by robots calling themselves the Dimensions. Their leader is a mysterious robot that resembles RockMan in many ways. Seeing this, Dr. Right sends RockMan to investigate the situation. For a reason unknown to anyone else but himself, Dr. Wily sends Forte to the site as well.

[edit] Robot Masters

Like the first Mega Man game, there are only six Robot Masters. However, you only receive five weapons, as the last Robot Master, CompassMan, does not give you a weapon.

Robot - RockMan weapon/Forte weapon

DanganMan - Rock Vuclan/Forte Vulcan
KonroMan - Flame Shower/Flame Mixer
AirconMan - Barrier Wind/Forte Vulcan
ClockMen - Time Switch/Time Bomb
KomusoMan - Doppler Crash/Doppler Attack

[edit] Uniqueness in Robot Masters

The ClockMen, unlike GeminiMan from Mega Man 3, ARE actually two Robot Masters, and not copies. They battle you simultaneously, and are destroyed simultaneously. CompassMan is also a unique Robot Master, as he does not give a Master Weapon like every other Robot Master does.

[edit] Music

The music used during the game is not its own, and instead uses 8-bit versions of Mega Man & Bass.

[edit] Game play

Just like most Mega Man games, RockMan & Forte is a side-scroller, and you goal is to reach the end and defeat the Robot Master. AirconMan's stage is different, however, as it utilizes the Wonderswan's vertical screen play, and has hazards to fit that.

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