Robot Masters

Robot Masters
Robotmasters.pngRobots Masters from Mega Man 1-9
NameRobot Masters
First Appeared InMega Man
Appears InSee Mega Man Classic series,

[edit] Origin

Dr. Albert W. Wily and Dr. Thomas Xavier Light were partners in science, and after Dr. Light created Rock and Roll, they finished the project on the 6 original Robot Masters. Little did Light know, Dr. Wily had a sense for evil, and ran off with the original Robots with a plan to destroy the city and rule the world...because that's how it works in Mega Man.

Eventually, Mega Man finishes the long and boring task of destroying them and all is saved...until Wily makes more of the Robot Masters.

[edit] Robot Masters Today

Robot Masters are now a staple in the Mega Man franchise. It is a known ritual to Mega Man fans that after Rock is finished destroying the evil robots, he absorbs their power and gains a new ability, making it easier to tackle the next robot. With 8 more powers in his arsenal, it's Mega Man's job to destroy Wily and save the world.

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