Rainy Turtloid

Rainy Turtloid
First Appearence:Megaman X6
WeaknessIce Burst

Japanese Name: Rainy Turtloid (same)

Rainy Turtloid was a member of the water quality improvement team. His job was to examine water in the seas and oceans for contamination. Turtloid's shell prevents him from taking any damage, even in acid rain. As a result, he was sent to investigate the toxic A-level pollution areas.

Weakness: Ice Burst/Hyoroga
Obtain: Meteor Rain/Ensuizan


  • Rocket Shell - fires multiple rockets from his enormous shell.
  • Ensuizan - rolls at you with spikes protruding from his shell.
  • Meteor Rain - fires successive Meteor Rains (blue gels), one after another.

    Strategy: Difficulty: 7.5/10
    Rainy Turtloid is an extremely challenging boss. Depending on your difficulty factor, he can be really fun or extremely nettlesome to fight against. Rainy Turtloid is weak against the Ice Burst / Hyoroga.
    Because of the two green gems on his back, he is invincible to attacks. These gems must be broken before any damage can be done. Turtloid will start out by firing countless missiles at you. These can be easily avoided by clinging to the wall/ceiling. After every attack, Turtloid will pause for a very long time. Use this time to break the two gems on his back. The Yammar Option (Yammark) is very effective in destroying the gems. Once they are broken, use the Ice Burst to deal maximum damage (and see a nice animated effect).
    Unfortunately, the Ice Burst consumes a lot of weapon energy. You may/will need a weapon tank (or W. Recover part) and a very long weapon bar. The Energy Saver (regular part) will help tremendously in this battle if you rely on the Ice Burst to win. If you run out of weapon energy, the Magma Blade (Heatnix) is a very good substitute. If you're using Zero, you'll find it difficult to use the Hyoroga because the ceiling is too high. Although it's possible to pull off this move, it takes too much time. Zero's Z-Saber alone is a powerful weapon. Use it in unison with the Yammar Option to break the two green gems.
    Turtloid will also roll at you with spikes protruding from his shell. To make matters worse, he will also fire his Meteor Rain (blue gel) at you while rolling. This attack is insanely difficult to dodge, as you will need to be quick, use the walls, and dash jump. His attacks are very repetitive, giving you time to prepare. Most of your time will be spent trying to avoid his attacks and breaking the two green gems. Repeat this method over and over, and he'll eventually succumb.
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