Quick Man

Quick Man
Quick Man
NameQuick Man
First Appeared InMega Man 2

Quick Man is disputed to be the most difficult Mega Man robot master of all time. His sporadic tactics make him unpredictable, and hard to counter. Quick Man appears in Mega Man 2 which was the first game to incorporate 8 Robot Masters opposed to 6. In the battle with Quick Man, he will jump around the room while using the Quick Boomerang to inflict damage on Rock. His weapon, however, becomes one of the most useful ones because it can defeat enemies that are hard to reach, and, eventually, help you with the Guts Dozer, one of the final bosses in Dr. Wily's castle. Quick Man is vulnerable to the Time Stopper weapon, but it only drains half of his health. The best weapon to finish him with is the Metal Blades which are acquired from Metal Man.

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