Proto Man (Character)

Proto Man
NameProto Man
First Appeared InMega Man 3
Appears InMega Man 3
WeaponProto Buster, Proto Shield


[edit] Overview

Proto Man (ブルース, Burūsu?, Blues) was the early prototype of Mega Man. He was originally created under the title, Blues which keeps with the music genre, name similarities. After Dr. Light created Proto Man, he soon realized he made a faulty core in Proto Man's system and made preparations to remove it, saving Proto Man from death. Proto Man assumed it would change his intellectual, mind of reason and bolted off, never to be found. Light assumed he died, and from this, we get ==Mega Man== and ==Roll==.

[edit] Mega Man 3

Proto Man first appeared in Mega Man 3 under the alias of Break Man. In Mega Man 3, Proto Man helps train Mega Man by fighting him multiple times in different stages. This is also the first of many times we see Proto Man save Mega Man at the last second after defeating Wily.

[edit] Mega Man 4

Other than saving the kidnapped, Kalinka, Proto Man doesn't have any major involvement in this story.

[edit] Mega Man 5

Proto Man is framed in this one by none other than Doc Wily. Secretly, a robot named Dark Man was created to "imrobotate" Blues. It turns out Proto Man finds out and reveals the plot to Mega Man and even shows up at the end of the game to lend a helping hand to the Blue Bomber when saving Light.

[edit] Mega Man 6

Proto Man has even less involvement in this story than MM4 although he does provide a useful item. He arrives in Tomahawk Man's stage to give Mega Man the Energy Balancer. With this, the energy bar with the lowest amount of points will get filled when picking up weapon energy from enemies.

[edit] Mega Man 7

Proto Man will appear 3 times in this game. In Cloud Man's and Turbo Man's levels, you will find him to learn valuable information. In Shade Man's stage, he will challenge you to a fight, and, if you win, he gives you his most handy item, the Proto Shield

[edit] Mega Man 8

Proto Man appears in this game just for kicks. After Rock mops the floor with Duo, he tell you that Wily's castle is up ahead (Useful information, I know...). At the end of the game, he takes on the role of a messenger boy and tells Mega Man that Duo said "Thank You."

[edit] Mega Man 9

Proto Man appears at the end of the game, when Mega Man defeats Wily and is trying to save Dr. Light from a cell with energy barriers. He warns Rock it's a trap, but Mega Man falls for it anyway. As the castle corrupts, Proto Man saves the day by teleporting Mega Man out of there.

Mega Man 9's DLC features Proto Man as a playable character. He can slide, charge his Proto Buster, and takes a lot more damage than Mega Man, but he is equipped with a Proto Shield to negate projectiles.

[edit] Mega Man 10

Proto Man appears at the end of the game to help Mega Man finish off Wily. Eventually, his Roboenza kicks in and he collapses. Mega Man gives his pill that he got from Roll, to him, and he shakes it off to continue to kick Wily's rear. Once again, the castle collapses, and saves Rock from certain death.

He's also a playable character in Mega Man 10 without the purchase of DLC. He can do all the things listed in Mega Man 9 and using him does not count towards the leaderboards.

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