First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network

PharoMan.EXE (full name PharoahMan.EXE) is a Solo Net Navi that appears in Mega Man Battle Network as a Hidden Boss. It doesn't appear in Area 12 of the Net until MegaMan has reached Level 70 and defeated the Life Virus. Once beaten in this area it will appear again in this area at random.

[edit] Mega Man Network Transmission

PharoahMan.EXE would appear in the Legendary WWW Area in Mega Man Network Transmission, an area with similarities to Pharoah Man's Stage complete with a remix of that stage's soundtrack. The boss has 1000 HP, and defeating it is necessary to retrieve the OldData.

[edit] Mega Man Battle Network 2

PharoahMan.EXE makes a third appearance in Mega Man Battle Network 2. This time he appears in an area that can't be accessed until after defeating the Final Boss, in this case the Gospel Virus Beast. It appears in an attempt to stop MegaMan from advancing in WWW Area 1, and while the battle is similar to the battle in Mega Man Battle Network, it falls all the same.

[edit] Mega Man: NT Warrior

PharoahMan.EXE plays a critical point in the plot of Mega Man: NT Warrior, as it was awakened as a result of the N1 Grand Prix Finals between MegaMan.EXE and ProtoMan.EXE. The Solo Net Navi would attempt to delete ProtoMan, but MegaMan jumped in the way, taking the fatal shot and getting deleted. PharoahMan would proceed to use his powers to sink that artificial island into the ocean, then causing problems widespread throughout the Net.

It was revealed that PharoahMan.EXE was once created to monitor and guide data flow across the Net, deemed so powerful to be an Ultimate NetNavi by Lord Wily. Dr. Hikari found that a virus had infected his systems and thus took him off line.

WoodMan.EXE, SharkMan.EXE and SkullMan.EXE would attempt to stop PharoahMan's rampage, but they would be turned to stone but they did cut his power before being rendered inanimate. ProtoMan would try to stop him as well, but didn't have much luck until the recently revived MegaMan joined him. It took a Double Program Advance to stop PharoahMan, burying him within the ruins of the base he himself had built. StoneMan.EXE and BlasterMan.EXE would capture the wounded NetNavi and attempt to reprogram him, but PharoahMan.EXE would self-destruct, severely damaging World Three's base in the process.

However, the data from PharoahMan.EXE would be revived as two parts: the Gospel Beast, dubbed as the Grave Virus Beast, and Bass.EXE.

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