Noise is a new concept used in Starforce 3, in the game it is explained that most of the problems in the world having to do with technology is due to high levels of noise and the viruses born from this noise. It is also explained in the game that Dealer is after the Crimson produced from large quantities of noise coming in contact with each other.

Megaman is also affected by the noise, when exposed to high levels he begins to experience unexplainable phenomena in battle. This can range from piercing invisible cards, to cards having reverse effects, and even temporarily changing into a new stronger form. Battling large quantities of noise (G viruses) can allow Megaman a chance to gain a new Noise form.

Effects of noise:

0%-49.9%:depending on your Noise form you will gain some improvements in battle

50%+: You gain full use of the noise form, including a new charge attack.

200%+: You are given the option to access the Meteor Server. This allows you to finalize, or change into Red Joker (For Red Joker players) or Black Ace (For Black Ace Players). Your folder you were currently using is replaced with a folder containing several strong cards, including some NFBs. Other battle cards you can use when you access the Meteor Server are AcidAceV3, WingBlade, WideWaveX, RocketLaunchV3, Bushido3, SkullArrw3, and a variety of other powerful battle cards. However, this folder is only used when you are finalized, and you cannot enter a battle finalized.

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