First Appearence:Mega Man Battle Network 2
Operator:None (BN2), Fyrefox (BN5)

Napalman.EXE is a napalm-based NetNavi who first appeared as a boss guarding the WWW area in Mega Man Battle Network 2. Napalman is operated by Fyrefox in Mega Man Battle Network 5 and later joins forces with Team Protoman to liberate the Cybernet from Nebula.

[edit] Napalm Soul

Napalm Soul
  • Fire element, weak to Aaua.
  • Non-dimming Fire-element chips +40 Attack.
  • Charge up a fire chip to launch a Napalm bomb to the nearest enemy.
  • Soak up Magma Panels for +10 Attack per Panel soaked up.
  • Charge shot: Fires three Fire-element vulcan shots for 10 Damage each for each Buster Attack Level.
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