Mr. Higsby

Mr. Higsby
Mr Higsby.jpgMr. Higsby
First Appearence:Megaman Battle Network

Mr Higsby is the obsessed battle chip collector, he would do anything to get his hands on some of the rarest battlechips in the world. At one time, he joined World Three (WWW) because the orginization promised to help him to find the rarest battle chips. Then when he signed onto Lan's school to subsitute for his teacher Ms. Mari he used his NetNavi Numberman EXE to corrupt the school's computer system, but his plans were thwarted by Lan and MegaMan EXE. After that, he had learned his lesson, and left World Three and opened up his own battle chip store and can now help Lan, MegaMan EXE and anybody else with a NetNavi.

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