Metal Shark Player

Japanese Name: Metal Shark Player (same)

Metal Shark Player studied recycling to resurrect dead Mavericks using junk parts. His job was to analyze and control DNA of Mavericks. He was skillful at what he did and succeeded in reviving many reploids.

Weakness: Meteor Rain/Ensuizan
Obtain: Metal Anchor/Rakukojin


  • Junk Slide - slides at you with junk trailing him.
  • Metal Anchor - shoots an anchor that's capable of bouncing.
  • Shark Warning - "dives" under the junk, "digging" up damaging waste materials.
  • Blast from the Past - creates holograms of past Mavericks:
    - Sting Chameleon (X1)
    - Magna Centipede (X2)
    - Blast Hornet (X3)

    Strategy: Difficulty: 6/10
    Metal Shark Player is very interesting and unique because of his name and attacks. He is weak against the Meteor Rain / Ensuizan.
    Metal Shark Player will commonly slide at you, leaving damaging junk behind. This attacked can be avoided with a dash jump. If necessary, use the walls for extra height before dashing. Shark Player will also fire his Metal Anchor, which will continue to bounce for a long period of time. He likes to combine his Metal Anchor with his slide attack, making this combo a nuisance to try and dodge. Sometimes, Shark Player will "dive" under the junk, "digging" up more junk. As soon as you see his fin sticking out, cling to a wall. Continue to fire the Meteor Rain/Ensuizan when the opportunity presents itself.
    After he's down to lamentable health, he'll perform the coolest attack: holograms of past Mavericks. Depending on the difficulty of the game and the character you choose, you'll see cameo appearances of Sting Chameleon, Magna Centipede, and Blast Hornet. Unfortunately, they'll be on Shark Player's side, and they won't hesitate to attack. Their attacks are easy to avoid and should pose no problem. Shark Player himself should pose no problem as long as you're accurate with the Meteor Rain/Ensuizan.
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