Metal Man

No. 009
Metalman.pngMetal Man
NameMetal Man
First Appeared InMega Man 2
Appears InMega Man 2
WeaponMetal Blade
WeaknessMetal Blade (Mega Man 2)
  • Crash Bomb (Mega Man II)
  • Mega Buster (SAR)
  • Metal Man (メタルマン, Metaruman) is infamous for being killed with one or two hits from his own weapon, the Metal Blade. Metal Man will throw his Metal Blades at Mega Man when shot at. He also has the ability to reverse the direction of the conveyor belt in his boss room. His base seems to be located in a factory loaded with conveyor belts and dangerous machinery. Metal Man jumps and throws his Metal Blades at you. But his boss room's floor is a conveyor belt and he has the power to change its direction. He was also the first Robot Master built by Dr. Wily for his revenge against Mega Man.

    [edit] Other Appearances

    • Metal Man also appears as a Doc robot in Mega Man 3. He is found in the middle of the revised version of Spark Man's Stage.
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