Mega Man Zero Characters


[edit] Resistance Members

These characters are members of the resistance in the Mega Man Zero Series.

[edit] Major

These resistance members have a considerable affect on the storyline of the series.

[edit] Zero

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Zero is the main protagonist of the Zero series.

[edit] Ciel

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Ciel is the leader of the resistance.

[edit] Cerveau

Cerveau is a scientist who develops weapons for Zero.

[edit] Elpizo

Elpizo is the commander of the resistance forces in Megaman Zero 2.

[edit] Minor

These characters may have multiple appearances, but have no or little significance to the storyline.

[edit] Alouette

Alouette is a Reploid who looks like a small girl.

[edit] Andrew

Andrew is a talkative Reploid with the appearance of an old man.

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