Mega Man X (Character)

Mega Man X
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First Appearance:Mega Man X
Affiliation:Maverick Hunter


[edit] Mega Man X

X was created by Dr. Light. X is the first generation of a robot called a "Reploid". However 30 years ere required before he could be released from his capsule and be in action, but Dr. Light would not be alive to witness it. 100 years later, an archeologist and a robot scientist named Dr. Cain found what was left of Dr. Light's lab and discovered X, he was released during a huge Maverick outbreak, he then faced Vile, a former maverick hunter, then Zero came and helped X, and gave him some words of encouragement. As X as fighting the Mavericks, he also discovered Dr. Light's capsules, that increased his power 10 fold, he fought Vile again and defeated the ruthless Maverick, but at a price, he lost Zero. But he would face the leader of the mavericks, Sigma.

[edit] Mega Man X2

6 months after X defeated Sigma, he was still trying to wipe out all of the Mavericks, not knowing that they are formulating something called the "Unification", which a group of Mavericks who are known as the "X-Hunters" were finding a leader that could replace Sigma, they have chosen the fallen Maverick Hunter, Zero. However the X-Hunters have challenged X to not only prove that they will avenge Sigma, but to defeat the hunter himself. Though, the X-hunters would fail and the unification also failed, they managed to bring back Sigma, but with the help from the recently resurrected Zero, X defeats the Maverick leader once again.

[edit] Mega Man Xtreme

The Maverick hunter computer has been hacked. X was given the job to find out who did this audacious crime, with the help from both Zero and Middy, X found that it was a Maverick affiliated team known as the shadow hunters. X also fought 2 other mavericks known as Zain and Geemel, and eventually Sigma as well.

[edit] Mega Man X3

Some time after X and Zero defeated Sigma. A robot scientist named Dr. Doppler has destroyed all of the Mavericks by creating something he calls the "Neuro Computer" which controls the behavior of his creations and prevents them from going Maverick. They even found a special utopia for both humans and robots. A few months later, many of Doppler's creations have suddenly went Maverick and began to attack many locales all over the world. Then Maverick Hunter has determined that the mastermind behind these recent attacks was none other than Dr. Doppler. X and Zero were given the order to scramble and bring the doctor to justice, then his forces suddenly open fired on Maverick Hunter HQ, X and Zero defeated the invading Mavericks and continued on with their mission. While on their mission, Dr. Cain has discovered that Doppler has created a special battle body which is the most powerful weapon ever devised. Then, X realized that this body was not made for Doppler, but for Sigma (who is still alive). X and Zero have infiltrated Doppler's lab and X faced off with the doctor himself, after X defeats Doppler, he informs X about Sigma using the battle body and is about to reach the surface with it. X fights sigma once again and even destroys the seemingly invincible body. As X tries to evacuate and escape from Sigma, Zero comes in with the anti-virus program that was programed on his Z-Saber. Sigma's body disintegrates as the lab explodes. X and Zero escape and return to HQ.

[edit] Mega Man Xtreme 2

Several months after the fight against Dr. Doppler. a reploid worker on a deserted island has suddenly and for no reason shut down. At first this was no problem, but other reploids on the island also began to shut down. This became a huge situation which had Maverick Hunter send out X and Zero to investigate. Then , they met up with a lone hunter named Gareth. He informed the hunters that a Maverick named Berkana uses a special DNA soul drainer system which shuts down reploids. The hunters have succeeded to halt Berkana's operation. But when they met up with Gareth again, they realize that he is actually working for Berkana and intends to shut down both Z and Zero, but they defeat him easily, allowing the 2 hunters to face Berkana and defeat her as well, and eventually Sigma.

[edit] Mega Man X4

As the Repliforce completely formed and was now a substantial army. General was approached by a cloaked figure and that figure told General to destroy Maverick Hunter, but General rejects the request and dismisses the figure.As the the Sky Lagoon was attacked, X rushed to the scene, where he found Magma Dragoon, after the Sky Lagoon as destroyed, he encountered Colonel, X tells him to disarm and come with him, but Colonel refuses. X knows that if Repliforce does not co-operate, they will be regarded as Mavericks, he chases the Repliforce with the help of rookie hunter, Double, all the way to the starport and to something called the "Final Weapon" that hangs in Earth's orbit. But, then he found out that Double is really working for Sigma, but defeats him easily, then faces General and defeats him as well, then both X and General realize that the Final Weapon is going to fire on Earth. X, Zero and General stopped Sigma and the Final Weapon.

[edit] Mega Man X5

Then, during the Eurasia incident, X fought hard with Zero to stop the colony, then after the incident, he and Zero fought Sigma, he defeats Sigma again, but loses Zero, 3 weeks later, the "Zero Nightmare" emerges, this is when he conducts his own investigation regardless of a reploid Gate saying that his men would investigate it, but then he finds out that it is really Zero, together, they defeat Gate and Sigma. However, X suddenly realizes that this senseless violence is making no progress, this is when he retires from the combat division of Maverick Hunter. But, then Zero discovers a reploid named Axl, this is when X returns to combat to help Axl.

[edit] Mega Man X6

Then, During Sigma's attack o the Earth, the planet was left in ruins, so the people left the earth for the Moon by using the sky elevator. X and his team stood on earth to try to defeat Sigma. When X and his team fought Sigma, X found the source of Sigma's existence, and he destroyed it, so rumors say that Sigma was destroyed for good, thanks to X.

[edit] Elf War

Several years later, after X had ended the Maverick Wars with help from the "Sigma Antibody program", then known as "Mother Elf, a Cyber-Elf created after Zero's sealing, and created using his data. Dr. Weil, a scientist who helped create the Mother Elf, corrupted her into the "Dark Elf", there by triggering the Elf Wars.

After some time, Dr. Weil created Omega, using Zero's true body (his "mind and soul" were transferred into a copy body.) and sent the world into chaos. X and Zero managed to end the war, but it had decimated 90% of all reploids, and 60% of all humans. Zero, believing the carnage was his fault, sealed himself away for 102 years, despite X objections.

[edit] Post Elf War

Years after Zero's sealing, X founded Neo Arcadia, a paradise for both humans and reploids. Along the way, he had "copies" of him made: Sage Harpuia, Fighting Fefnir, Fairy Leviathan and Hidden Phantom. These four, recognized as generals of Neo Arcadia, helped clean the world of the waste left by the Elf War. Eventually, X went to the innermost sanctum of Neo Arcadia, and sealed his physical body to seal the Dark Elf. He continued to live as a Cyber-Elf, and his duties were taken over by Copy X

[edit] Mega Man Zero

X first appears as a Cyber Elf, giving the Z-Saber to the newly-awakened Zero.

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