Mega Man X5

Mega Man X5
Mega Man X5.jpg
Release date(s)November 30, 2000

NA February 1, 2001

EU August 3, 2001
Genre(s)Side Scrolling
Mode(s)Single player
Available onPC/PSX

Mega Man X5 is the fifth game in the Mega Man X series. It was originally released on Playstation. It has also been re-released on Playstation 2 and GameCube, as a part of the Mega Man X Collection. This game generally get's mixed reactions from the fans and is considered not to be as good as Mega Man X4.

[edit] Maverick Bosses

Grizzly Slash
Squid Adler
Izzy Glow
Duff McWhalen
The Skiver
Axle the Red
Dark Dizzy

[edit] Game Story

Decades after X and Zero Defeated the Repliforce and Sigma. Everything was quiet, allowing the humans and the reploids to advance. Thus, space colonization began. However, there was an attack on the biggest space colony of "Eurasia", X and Zero went to investigate, but found out that Sigma was behind the attack. Now, Eurasia is on a collision course with Earth, X and Zero have very little time to stop it before the colony crashes into earth.

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